The Best 10+ Apps to take RAW photos with iPhone

You want to make the most of the photographic compartment of your iPhone by shooting in RAW. For this reason, in our new guide today, we will list a series of apps for taking RAW photos with iPhone by following a few simple steps.

RAW: what it is

The RAW is a format that does not change all the data recorded by the sensor during the shooting in any way, which instead happens with the JPG format, for example. So, you can use your iPhone to take better quality photos.

In addition to this, a shot in RAW format offers a higher level of brightness and focus than the JPG (4096 to 16388 vs 256) to allow professionals to choose how best to modify the final image. In conclusion, RAW photos allow you to balance white and ISO sensitivity as you wish.


The first application that we recommend using is called CameraPixels, considered by many to be one of the best applications available for the iPhone. The app allows you to take RAW photos with your own iPhone, as well as supporting JPG and TIFF formats. In addition, the application provides various features to modify the shots and various manual controls to be used to achieve the desired result.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe has created a powerful application that allows you to take shots in RAW format using your iPhone’s camera: its name is Adobe Lightroom CC. Unfortunately, to take full advantage of its features it is necessary to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative iCloud at a cost of 4.99 dollars per month and it is not suitable for everyone as it has several advanced features. Of pro you can access a very intuitive user interface that allows you to better understand all the features offered.


Among the best apps to take RAW photos with iPhone we decided to also select ProCamera. It is a software characterized by several features that make it quite complete. Besides the possibility of saving the shots in the RAW format, it is possible to use the night function, record videos using the appropriate mode or take photos in other formats such as JPEG and TIFF.

ProCam 6

If you were not satisfied with the solutions listed above, then you should take a look at ProCam 6. It is a very complete application that allows you to take pictures in RAW format using a really intuitive user interface, which can therefore also be used by less experienced users. In addition to this, the application boasts a series of features dedicated to post-production such as the possibility of realizing time-lapse.


One of the best apps for taking RAW photos with iPhone is called PureShot. Inside, the app boasts many commands that allow you to take pictures manually and save them in RAW format. However, video and HDR features cannot be used.

App for taking RAW photos with iPhone: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed above, we propose below the alternatives to be taken into consideration if the previous apps did not satisfy you.

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