20 Sites to Download Vector Images Free For commercial use

Bitmap images do their best when using the original file size. But when we go to zoom in or out, we almost always find ourselves in front of grainy images. This ginning is due to the fact that, when we go to enlarge or shrink a bitmap image, we create white dots that make the image less defined. How can the problem be remedied? There are two ways to go: using bitmap images with their natural dimensions or, more simply, opting for vector images. What are vector images? They are images that use geometric shapes as a coding language, which is why they are not grainy when we reduce and enlarge them. This type of image is mainly used in the publishing field. In this article you will find 20 sites to download free vector images.

20 Sites for Downloading Vector Images (Vector) Free

1. VectorStock

VectorStock is one of the most popular sites to search for free vector images. It has a catalog of 220,000 royalty free vector files and you will surely find the file that perfectly meets your needs.

2. Freepik

Freepik, as well as VectorStock, is a resourceful site for those looking for vector images, both for personal and commercial use. Many new files are added every day, making it a reliable and constantly updated source.

3. All Free Download

All Free Download has a catalog of 190,000 vector images for non-commercial use. You can browse through the files by choosing one of the 15 tags set or by searching among the recently added images.

4. FreeVector

On FreeVector there are images classified in as many as 35 categories. There are various types of files: logos, vectors and icons. All these images are covered by a Creative Commons license, or you have the permission to modify and share them, but with the obligation of attribution.

5. Vecteezy

Vecteezy has icons, images and patterns in vector. However, before using the files, we advise you to check the licenses of each image to find out whether you are allowed to use them for commercial or personal purposes. If you have a premium account, you can access even more premium quality vectors.

6. FreeVectors

On this site, many designers share their vectors, making them available for personal use. As for commercial use, instead, it is a good idea to contact the author directly to be sure, or not, of being able to use the vector.

7. 1001 Free Downloads

With more than 35 different categories, moving from food to sports, through technology and science, the vectors can be used for personal or commercial use, signaling attribution. Again, the files are totally free.

8. Free Design File

The images in the Free Design File catalog are classified in as many as 30 categories, offering you the embarrassment of choice. All files are free but fully covered by the CC 3.0 license, so be sure to report the author when using the image.

9. Free-Vectors

Free-Vectors, like Free Design File, has images divided into more than 30 categories. If you need to use them for commercial purposes, we advise you to contact the author first, who will give you permission to use them.

10. Vector4Free

Vector4Free.com offers vector graphics in the following formats: Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and Corel Draw CDR. The vectors, therefore, are compatible with almost all the programs used for graphics. Use the tags or the search bar to navigate the site easily.

11. Cool Vectors

Cool Vectors collects vectors from other online vector databases. In this site users can not only search for images with tags, but can also evaluate their quality by assigning votes.

12. FreeVectors

From FreeVectors you can download thousands of vector images. These graphics are created by FreeVectors designers and graphic designers in person. You can download the files for free but it is mandatory to include the name of the author.

13. Vectorportal

The images of Vectorportal are divided into as many as 25 categories but to use them, without incurring in legal disputes due to the license, you must always report the name of the author.

14. Vector Junky

The Vector Junky sponsored results are perhaps a bit too invasive but this is an inconvenience on which you can quietly sit down before a site like this. In fact, Vector Junky has a myriad of very pretty vectors that you can use just in case. In short, an indispensable source.

15. Pixeden

The Pixeden catalog consists of free and paid, high quality vector cards. As you can guess, the site pays particular attention to the paid graphics that, we assure you, you should absolutely if you need continuously vector images made with excellent workmanship.

16. Vectorish

Vectorish offers a wide range of vector graphics suitable for different types of use. To get quicker access to the photos, browse the catalog by clicking on the various categories you find in the menu above.

17. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a very renowned community dedicated to all artists, both emerging and established as well as people who simply design as a hobby. Obviously, there are also vector images but to find them you have to search through the search bar.

18. Vector Wallpapers

On Vector Wallpapers there aren’t many vectors but the ones present are free. Furthermore, you can choose different resolutions, depending on your needs and the use you want to make of these wallpapers.

19. VectorGoods

You can browse the images on VectorGoods using the different categories according to which they are classified. All vectors on the site are covered by Creative Commons 3.0 license, so they can be shared and used with the author’s name.

20. Spread

Spread has several free vectors that can be classified into the following categories: backgrounds, design elements, illustrations, frames, decorations, postcards, templates and logos.

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