What are the best-selling phones of all time?

The Telegraph website has announced the ranking of the best-selling phones ever in the world.

There is no shortage of surprises because there is no Android smartphone on the list, only one iPhone and then only Nokia and a Motorola. Although these are no longer the golden days of smartphones, in the past there have been giant steps in terms of technology and users were excited to try a device that was revolutionary, the classic phone.

In these years, normal phones have been replaced by smartphones but have sold millions of pieces in past years. Here we show you the ranking of the best-selling phones in the world.

Obviously for those who have passed the periods of normal mobile phones knows that all those Nokia were very common and those numbers probably will never be reached by other devices. Now smartphones are all very expensive and the performance changes so much every year that manufacturers do not want to buy the same product years later.

Let’s see the super ranking of the best-selling phones ever.

Ranking 10 best-selling phones in the world of forever

  1. Nokia 1100 – 250+ million
  2. Nokia 1110 – 250+ million
  3. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 220+ million
  4. Nokia 3210 – 150+ million
  5. Nokia 1200 – 150+ million
  6. Nokia 6600 – 150+ million
  7. Nokia 5230 – 150+ million
  8. Samsung E1100 – 150+ million
  9. Nokia 2600 – 135+ million
  10. Motorola Razr V3 – 130+ million

And what smartphone do you have? How many of these 10 have you owned, I all 10.


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