Finding work is very difficult in our day, with full employment offices and employers who require a lot of experience and qualifications to be able to aspire to the most desired places.

In a scenario where unemployment does not tend to fall (on the contrary), we can also find work using the Internet, where every day many companies and shops place ads to find professionals for practice in any sector.

Without detracting from the search for classic work (in which the person is presented directly in a shop or in a company looking for a job), we can help in the search for a new job by some specialized sites and looking directly at the ad sites.

In this guide, we will see together the best sites to send the curriculum to find work, the most used by companies to hire new employees.

What you need to look for a job online?

Before you start looking for a job online, make sure you have the following information or documents at your fingertips:

– Curriculum Vitae (CV): the curriculum is very important because it will show the recruiter your skills, your past jobs and the experience accumulated in a specific sector.

If you are a beginner with the job, turn to internship announcements, so you can easily accumulate experience; if instead, you have a few years on your shoulders, insert in the curriculum as much information as possible on the places you have visited for work.

In the CV let’s make sure that there is a recent photo in our photo card format (usually at the top right of the first page of the CV).

– Cover letter (Cover letter): many companies start to ask for a letter of introduction to candidates; this document must be very precise because in fact it is our visiting card in the eyes of the selector.

We enter all the data as if we were writing a formal letter and make a summary of the capabilities we hold and what we expect from the work we intend to undertake; choosing the right words could open the way for you to work much faster than a full-bodied curriculum.

The letter of presentation must be different for each ad: customize it according to the type of company you contact, keeping only the introductory part the same on all letters.

Even if the company did not ask you for the cover letter explicitly, keep this format to write in the text field provided by the site or in the email you send to apply.- Contacts: in order to be recalled by the selector, we always insert a mobile phone number both in the CV and in the letter of presentation, so as to be easily reachable to fix a presentation interview.

Let’s not just rely on e-mails or other digital communication systems: one of the first tests that recruiters do is to feel how we act on the phone and how we answer the usual questions, so it’s essential that they can immediately hear you talking on the phone (in particular if you have chosen a job of contact with colleagues or with other people).

– Certificates: in order to demonstrate your specialized skills, we should make a copy of the certificates and specializations acquired in the field (possibly still valid) and insert these copies as attachments to the CV.
In some trades, being skilled is a godsend and could immediately open the door to new work.

– Diversification: if we are going to respond to more ads in completely different sectors, let’s make sure to prepare a CV and a cover letter for each sector in which we want to find work.
For example, if we want to jump into logistics and at the same time respond to ads for some stores, let’s make sure we have a folder for each sector in which we want to look for work, with a CV and an adequate letter of presentation inside each one.

Using a single CV to respond to the largest number of ads without any criteria is the easiest way to not find a job.

– Update: we continuously update the CV with all the new work experience, so as to have it ready in case of need.
By doing so we will be sure to provide the best possible curriculum in the ads.

These are the information and documents to prepare before looking for any online job.
As you can see, it’s not much different from looking for work physically turning offices and companies!

The secret to finding a job is in perseverance : do not give up on the first difficulties, the first silences or the first waste, keep looking for new announcements, contact also the companies that have refused (after 1 month at least) and improve the letter of presentation and the CV, the details and the care with which you will keep these documents will make the difference sooner or later.

The best sites and apps to find work 

After seeing what documents and information prepared to find work online, in this part of the guide we will show you the best sites and apps to look for a new job.

Note: All these websites have different apps for different countries so you can download these apps from PlayStore or iTunes according to your country.

1) Monster

The historically most popular site in the world to find work is definitely Monster.

On this site, just enter the type of work sought and the area in which we are interested in finding employment and get many good results.

The ads are all fairly recent and will put you in touch with a large number of companies, even the largest.

We can visit the site from here -> Monster


Another leading site in the indexing of job advertisements (specialized or not) is Infojobs.

We can either take a look at the existing ads (using the search bar or one of the contextualised menus) or create a user profile in order to get targeted ads only.

But unfortunately, this awesome site is available in just Spain, Italy and Brazil.

We can visit the site from here -> Infojobs

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed to offer a communication tool between the companies they hire and the workers.

By creating your profile on LinkedIn and attaching all the documents that certify work skills (from the CV to the masters obtained) we will allow companies to look for our profile, especially if it matches their needs, and then find the most suitable job for our qualifications.

LinkedIn is a new way to look for work, but if well exploited it will allow to find the job quickly and to leave the interested party with a margin of choice (answering only to interesting requests).

We can visit LinkedIn from here -> LinkedIn

4) Jobrapido

If the sites presented so far have not convinced you, we can focus on the search engine of the ads, namely Jobrapido.

On this site, simply enter the type of job you are looking for and the area where we are willing to work to receive hundreds of relevant ads.

If we do not immediately find what we are looking for, we can always activate email notifications, so as to be among the first to respond to new announcements as soon as they are entered.
The site can be reached here -> Jobrapido

5) Manpower

If we look for a site where to find any type of job advertisement, even for abroad, we can turn to the service offered by Manpower, always leader in the field of research of new uses.

The contact between workers and those looking for new workers is facilitated by the integrated system of communication on the site, the system of management of profiles (with targeted ads) and the many tools offered by the site.

We can visit the site from here -> Manpower

6) Adecco


Adecco is one of the best companies specialized in providing job advertisements to large companies (including multinational companies).

We create a profile of our worker on the site and let us advise the best ads based on the CV provided and the choices made during registration; so we can see only relevant ads and, with a little luck, be contacted by companies interested in your profile.

The site can be reached from here -> Adecco


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