Best volume booster apps for android free download

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Is your Android phone volume very low?

You want to increase the volume of your Android phone, but it is already at the maximum and still, it isn’t enough high as you want. What to do in these cases?

Depending on the model of the android we have purchased, it may happen that we do not hear well our favorite music due to the insufficiently high volume or poor sound quality offered by the speakers of the smartphone.

Thanks to these tricks to increase the volume of the smartphone and improve the sound quality it will be possible to exceed the limit of the volume by making the most of the speakers of your android phone.

One of the ways to increase the sound and quality of your phone’s music is to rely on some dedicated Android apps to enhance the phone’s volume.

Super Loud Volume Booster

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.preytaes.volumebooster]

The first app that we want to recommend is Super Loud Volume Booster, offered by PeaSoft, allows you to increase the sound of the Android device by 30/40%.

Super Loud Volume Booster allows you to apply amplification to multimedia sounds, system sounds, notifications, telephone and alarms, individually or at the same time.

GOODEV Volume Booster

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.goodev.volume.booster]

To increase the volume on Android you can also try Volume Control. It allows you to change the volume parameters in a practical and fast through an interface that focuses directly on the results by proposing manual audio settings and those automated with specific profiles.

Another trick to increase the volume of a less known smartphone is to install an equalizer on your android phone. This app allows you to change the settings that the default manufacturers have assigned to the speakers for playing music and audio.

There are several equalization apps that you can use to increase the volume of Android and to improve the sound quality. Here are the best:


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.smartandroidapps.equalizer]

Equalizer lets you adjust sound levels to get the most out of your music or audio from your phone. Apply presets are based on the Music genre, or quickly create your own presets with the Equalizer 5-channel controller. Additional Audio Effects supported include Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Preset.

Music EQ

[appbox googleplay screenshots hr.podlanica]

Music EQ equipped with a five band equalizerVirtualizer and Bass Booster that can be adjusted directly from the Home thanks to the dedicated widget.

Noozxoide EIZO-rewire PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.noozxoidelabs.eizo.rewirepro]

Noozxoide EIZO is a more professional tool – and therefore more complex to use – but it can give you a lot of satisfaction thanks to its customizable profiles and an extremely developed virtualizer.

Bass Booster

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.desaxedstudios.bassbooster]

Bass Booster is mainly set for optimal bass reproduction with five equalizer bands, a  dedicated Bass Booster and  20 presets for novices.