What is the deep web and how to access the deep web on android

We are living in a world where when we stuck in a problem we start to do Google for its solution. Don’t you do that?

And we think that our web world is so big as we can find anything that we want. But what if I’ll tell you that you are using just a very small part of it?

Are you surprise?

Here I am talking about Deep Web. In this article, we will tell you what is deep web and how to access it from your computer and smartphone.

What is Deep Web:

Deep Web is the name given to an area of the internet that can not be easily detected by traditional search engines, guaranteeing privacy and anonymity for its users and visitors. It is made up of a set of websites, forums and communities that usually discuss issues of illegal and immoral activities.

Deep Web is also known as Undernet or Darknet, the deep web is considered as an “invisible internet,” because all the content available inside is not easily accessible to most Internet users, and producers of such content choose to remain anonymous, through software that make it difficult to identify them.

Design and Users:

The electronic addresses that are used in the deep web are not built in an HTML format to make difficult access to these pages.

To visit deep web you, it is necessary to install specific programs and you have to use “secret codes” so that you can get access to some of these sites.

Deep web sites are looking for one thing in common: privacy. Netizens who navigate there do not want to be harassed by other users or simply (and mainly), they are criminals, murderers, pedophiles, satanic sects or other groups that preach immoral activities and explicit violence against the human being.

What does deep contain:

The Deep Web occupy 500 times more area than the “web surface” ( “The internet we use”). The deep is full of several eccentric contents and “bizarre” as photos of people being tortured, raped children and other violent articles and sadistic.

The “Deep Web” is also the territory of fearful hackers  – virtual criminals – who benefit from the anonymity that the deep web provides to share viruses and other malware that destroy or steal information from the infected computer.

Drug traffickers, guns, and even people use forums and deep-web communities to do their trading or to exchange experiences with other criminals of the same race.

Deep Web also give a place to the piracy of movies and other things.

How to access Deep Web:

As we have already mentioned that deep web takes care of their netizens and it is so concerned about there privacy. So you can not use it directly just by using your web browser.

To access the submerged part of the web and find the “hidden” sites, you have to use use TOR, a free anonymization system that allows us to hide our IP address by bouncing its network identity around the web.

What is TOR?

TOR stands for The Onion Router (for this reason its logo is an onion), it is a software that connects you to a network parallel to the internet and allows you to surf the Internet without leaving a trace bouncing connections on many computers scattered in the world that act as nodes, therefore, before your request for connection to a site reaches its destination, it passes through many other computers and then finally arrives at the destination, thus losing the origin of the request (your computer).

In addition, the TOR network hosts many other sites that you could not access through your normal internet connection, these sites terminate with the .onion domain and are not all legal, so be careful.

How to Access Deep Web from your computer:

For accessing Deep Web from your computer you have to use TOR browser which is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and GNU/Linux. You can download it by clicking here.

After downloading it, you just need to install it. After installation when you will open it, it will start to configure your settings for its use.

It will give you proxy from three different countries at a single time and you can change them according to your convenience (or in other words to increase privacy).

Now open hidden wiki. From here you can get all the websites for surfing on Deep Web.

How to access Deep Web in Android Smartphone and Tablet:

If your intention is to enter the underwater web with a tablet or an Android smartphone, all you need are two applications: Orbot and Orweb.

The first is none other than the official TOR client while the second is a pre-configured web browser to use anonymous browsing.

How to Install and use TOR from Android

  • First you need to download the Orbot and Orfox apps from the Play Store:
    [appbox googleplay screenshots org.torproject.android]

    [appbox googleplay screenshots info.guardianproject.orfox]
  • Once you have installed both applications, open Orbot and click on start button located at onion and enable VPN Mode:


  • To surf the TOR network we installed Orfox and here we do not have need do any special configurations;
  • We are connected to the TOR network from Android, all incoming and outgoing connections from the Orweb browser will be filtered through TOR and so they are non-traceable. To verify whether it is true we open Orfox; For this we need to go to “Check Tor Connection” and if we visualize this page we are safe and we can surf anonymously on the internet and on the .onion domain sites without being traced.


After following our simple guide you can easily browse the Deep Web, even if we ask you to be very careful. To stop anonymous browsing, simply log in to Orweb again, stop the connection and close the application.

Warning: all the information contained in this article is for information purposes only, it is not Teknologya’s intention to promote any type of illegal activity and we do not take any responsibility for the use you make of it.

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