Here are the best sites to download applications, games and programs in APK format for smartphones and Android tablets. Where to download APK for Android for free? Here are the best sites to find APK files, APK Mod, APK Hack for Android

Where to find Android APK

Today I want to dedicate an interesting article to all the users who are approaching the Android world for the first time

In fact, new Android users often ask me where they can find APK files to download for free and where to look for programs, applications and games for Android in APK format.

Of course, I know that on all Android smartphones there is now the Play Store, which allows you to quickly and easily download many apps, games and programs for Android.

But I know that at the same time there are thousands of users who look for cracked apps for Android , who want to download free programs that are usually for a fee, which seek “mod” versions of some games for Android (to have infinite money unlimited, infinite lives unlimited and so on) and have special requests like these.

Here, all these programs and games “modified” for Android are not on the Play Store, but only on dedicated sites and forums, which are not always easily found on the web.

And since the request is made to me very often and that the answers I give are always identical, I decided to respond to everyone through an article on the blog. 

Below then I recommend the best sites that you must absolutely add to your favorites, the best portals from which you can download all the APK files you want. 

Within these portals you will find:

  • Android applications in APK format to download for free
  • Android games in APK format for free download
  • APK MOD Android
  • APK Hack Android
  • Cracked programs for Android
  • Cracked apps for Android
  • MOD games and hacked for Android.

In short, the sites that I point out below will allow you to really download everything for your smartphone or Android tablet, of course for free. 

If you are tired of going to the Play Store to download apps, games and programs for Android and want to download everything you want, for free, here are the sites that I personally recommend you:

  • APKMIRROR:  is the best site in the world to download files in APK format for Android. Within this portal you will NOT find modified or cracked apps, only official ones. The great thing about this site is that it also contains the oldest versions of all the programs for Android: if with the last update a certain program or an app has stopped working or have been introduced bugs, from APKMIRROR you can download the old/previous version and you’ll be back to running everything regularly
  • MOBILISM:  it’s my favorite site to download apps, games and programs for Android. You have to register for free, but it is super updated, inside you will find all the best programs and the best apps for Android to download for free in a click. You will also find lots of “MOD” games for Android: endless lives, endless money and so on. Paradise for those who want to download anything free for Android!
  • ONHAX: like Mobilism, but there is more publicity. To be used as an alternative to Mobilism
  • REVDL:  like the 2 sites just mentioned, but particularly valid for MOD games and HACK for Android, less interesting for applications


We have concluded with this fantastic list of the best sites to download free APK for Android.

Do you think that you lack some site to the list? Do you think these are the best sites? Let us know at the end of the article with a comment!



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