According to recent studies, the blue light produced by the displays of smartphones would lead to serious eye problems, including the possibility of total loss of vision

The Blue Light of smartphones would lead to Blindness

According to a study by the University of Toledo, the blue light produced by the smartphone displays would even lead to blindness. The report shows that the danger is really serious not because of the problem itself but because the smartphone is very common use with several hours of use, especially in the dark, which could cause serious problems of vision, and in more extreme cases lead to blindness or cancer.

The danger is serious and according to the study the problems that would cause prolonged exposure to blue light can also lead to permanent blindness as some cells can get destroyed and will no longer able to regenerate.

Moreover, the cases in which the situation worsens is when we look at the display in the dark with catastrophic effects on our eyes that must be strained even further.

This is stated by Professor Ajith Karunarathne of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Toledo, who explains how the blue light through the cell kills it irremediably.

The solutions are already being screened with special glasses that block the blue light and special software and hardware devices to reduce or totally eliminate the emission of this blue light. Both on Android and iOS the function is available to activate the blue light filter, or use special lenses to block the blue light.

Personally I use eyeglasses, I have no problems with sigh , just to block the blue light at work, as I am forced to use the PC for at least 8 hours a day, but on the other hand never active on any display the functionality for block the blue light, but perhaps after these studies I will try to activate it to prevent the onset of vision problems.

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