Blur face of people or children in a video

We can protect children and people’s identity by blurring their faces in videos before sharing them on the Internet.

Sharing photos and videos on the Internet has become a common practice, but some precautions are often overlooked, putting innocent people at risk. In many cases it is not appropriate to expose a child to the media attention, even if sometimes the intentions can be more than positive.

In other cases, however, we could endanger someone’s privacy. To avoid unpleasant situations, you may want to blur the face of the people or children in a video before sharing it on the internet.


Blur faces in videos with YouTube

To obscure faces in videos there are various solutions. The first is to use YouTube. The video sharing platform offers powerful video editing tools including which to obscure faces. To use it you must first create an account, if we have not already done so, and log in. We can of course use the same Google account.

At this point we click on the Upload button in the upper right and upload on YouTube the video in which we want to blur the faces. Once this is done, we click on our account icon at the top right and select Creator Studio. Go to the Video Management section and click on the Edit button next to the video.

Let’s move on to Improvements to access the tools that allow us to improve the quality of our video. From the right pane, select the Blur Effects tab and click on the Edit button in Blur faces. At this point YouTube will start processing the video to detect the faces of the people present.

At the end of the processing we will see a preview window. We click on the faces we want to blur in the video and confirm with Save. We can therefore decide to save the video with blurred faces without changing the original and then downloading it to the computer.

Blur faces in videos with Windows

YouTube is definitely one of the best solutions, also because it’s free. But if we want to use a program, among those that allow us to obscure the faces, a great choice is Filmora. After starting it, we first create a new project. So let’s go to File/Import Media/Import media file and select the video.

Then drag the video on the timeline and click on the Power Tool icon. Select Change Face and choose the object to replace the face of the people in the video. We can choose, for example, the mosaic effect. Select the Apply Face Off to the clip option and press OK.

Finally, click on Export and select Video Creation. The trial version of Filmora adds the watermark to the video. To remove it you must purchase the full version which costs $39.99.

Blur faces in videos with your smartphone

We can also blur the faces in a video using ObscuraCam, an application for Android. This app comes with face recognition and automatically tarnishes faces in photos or videos.

If you know any other method then feel free to suggest us in our comment box.