Did you accidentally delete a video from your phone? Perhaps not all is lost. Here’s how to try to recover it.

By mistake, you may delete a video or photo from your mobile phone. Before despair, wait: maybe there is a way to recover them. If we are fast enough there is a good chance of being able to recover deleted videos from the Android phone.

Smartphones with Google’s operating system integrate the Google Photos application that automatically backs up photos and videos to the cloud. The first way to recover deleted videos from an Android smartphone is therefore to use Google Photos.

We can try to recover deleted videos first from the smartphone. Let’s start the Google Photos app, touch the icon with the three lines at the top left and select Trash. Here we will find all the videos and photos that we have deleted in the last 60 days. Alternatively, we can access Google Photos from your computer by going to photos.google.com and logging in with our Google account. Again, just tap the icon with the three lines at the top left and select the Trash option.

If we do not use Google Photos, there are several applications that allow you to recover photos, videos and other types of files deleted by mistake from your smartphone. Many of these are paid, but there are also some free ones such as EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free.

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free allows you to recover not only photos and videos, but also text messages, contacts, music tracks and other document topologies. The procedure is not easy, but with a little ‘patience you will be able to recover files deleted by mistake on your smartphone.

To recover deleted files from your smartphone, you need to have root on your device. The root is a delicate operation that allows you to unlock the Android device to access system files. It should therefore be performed by a skilled person so as not to risk making mistakes and finding himself with a blocked smartphone.

After running the root, you must connect your smartphone to the computer with the USB debugging option enabled. To do this you must go to Settings, then in Phone Information and repeatedly tap the Build Number item to enable Developer Options. Then go into developer options and put on On the option USB debugging.

At this point you can start EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Free: the smartphone should be recognized automatically. Then press the Start button and follow the steps shown on the screen. Alternatively you can also use an app like DiskDigger, but also in this case to recover all the files you must have run the root on your smartphone.