Merge two pdfs into one file Windows and Mac

Here are some simple and free methods to combine two or more pdf documents in a single file on Windows and Mac.

It may happen that you find multiple pdf documents and want to merge them into a single file. It can be useful to organize and better store any items that otherwise would be lost in the confusion that reigns on the disk of our PC or even when you have to send by email. It is much more practical especially for those who have to receive them.

To merge two pdf files into a single file we can essentially opt for two solutions. The former does not involve the use of any software, it consists of using online services as and others.

Using them is extremely easy. Just go to the site, select files from the PC or drag them to the service web page. After loading the pdf documents you can change the order in which you want to merge in the final file. To finish just press the button merge PDF. It will then be possible to download the file with all the pdf documents.

This solution is simple but requires an internet connection to access the service page. If, on the other hand, we want to merge two pdf files into a single file even when we are offline, we can use a free program such as PDF Shaper Free (

Once started, click on the Merge icon in the Content section. Then click on Add to select the pdf files we want to merge. To terminate all that remains is to click on Process, give a name to the final file and select the folder in which to save it.

PDF Shaper Free is a program for Windows. On the other hand, if we have a Mac computer, we can merge two pdf files into a single file using the Merger Free PDF application, which can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. Optionally you can also use the Preview application which is already integrated in OSX.