Here is a very simple way to exchange messages on WhatsApp with someone who does not speak our language.

Using the Google Translate app we can quickly translate WhastApp chats without leaving the application. WhatsApp is also increasingly used to establish conversations with work colleagues in other countries and therefore may not even speak our language.

In all areas, WhatsApp has become the most used means of communication. Unfortunately, it does not have an integrated translator, so many use external apps.

The procedure, however, is not so immediate because it is usually done to perform several operations of copying and pasting between WhatsApp and the translation app, which is impractical and which is wasting a lot of time. However, there is a much simpler and faster way to translate a WhatsApp chat and use the free Google Translate app.

Even Google Translate is a translation app, but not many know that it has a function that allows you to translate text directly into any Android app, including WhatsApp. The procedure for doing this is as follows.

You must first install the Google Translate app on your Android smartphone by downloading it from Google Play Store. After doing so, start it, tap the icon at the top left with the three lines and go to Settings. Then tap the Tap to translate option and make sure to enable this feature.

Now we are ready to translate the text directly into WhatsApp. To do so, let’s go to the chat that interests us, touch the message in a foreign language to select it and then touch the Copy icon in the bar at the top.

A small bubble with Google Translate will appear on the side of the screen. Let’s touch the bubble to open the window that will allow us to quickly translate the text without having to exit from WhatsApp. This solution can also be used to translate text into other Android applications.