Translate a pdf Online | Tech Guide

We have a document in pdf but is not in the language you want? It takes little to translate it and make it understandable to anyone.

It often happens to have to translate a pdf. This can be a working document sent to us by a foreign partner, the manual of the gadget purchased on Amazon or a guide downloaded from the internet. In short, there are many cases in which we are dealing with non-native pdf, but with some tools we will be able to translate them without going crazy.

The simplest solution is as fast as ever Google offers it through its online translation tool Using it is really very simple. Just go to the site with any browser and click on the link to translate a document under the left panel. Then click on Browse to select our pdf on your computer.

Now we just have to select the language of the pdf, the one in which we want to translate it and confirm by clicking on the Translate button. In a few seconds we will have our document translated into our language, but there may be problems. This service is limited only to translate the text of the document in pdf but does not preserve the formatting and the original layout.

To translate a pdf and preserve the formatting and the original layout we can use the website Once you have reached the home page, click on Translate now, then click on Upload file to select the pdf.

Once the file has been uploaded, we check that the source language and the final language are correct. We therefore press on Translate and wait for the site to carry out the translation. At the end it will automatically open a window that will allow us to save our pdf translated on the pc.