How to blur/Hide face in a picture

Very often we find ourselves having to post photos on our social profiles and not only where unwanted people appear, or faces of people and/or children who, for one reason or another must be obscured. Often due to privacy reasons, we often look for a simple method to quickly and easily obscure the face of one or more people in a photo. In this guide we will see how to do it easily. Initially we will see how to do on Photoshop, and then we will move on PhotoHide, software born just to give a simple and effective solution for this purpose.

Darken your face in a photo with Photoshop

Photoshop is definitely the parent program of all the others in terms of photo-editing and in general the photo retouching. Darkening your face in a photo is really a breeze.

First of all you will need to open the photo in question on Photoshop, then, selecting from the instrument palette on the left the tool “Selection” -> “Elliptical Selection” we can select the part of the face that we will soon go to obscure. Once the ellipse is drawn around the face of the person to be obscured, go to “Blur Control” in the Filter> Blur menu at the top. By modifying the “Radius” field a little, you can hide your photo in a completely safe and lasting way. Once you find the right beam value (around 10/15px) click “Ok” and save the photo in any extension (JPG, PNG, BMP and so on).

A simpler method, but certainly not so aesthetically beautiful, can also be that of selecting the brush tool from the left side of the instrument palette. After selecting it at the top of the menu we can select the size of the brush and its hardness (I recommend a brush size suitable for the size of the face to be obscured and a very low hardness). At this point, selecting any color will be able to obscure any unwanted face in an elementary way. It will suffice to subsequently save, exactly as explained above.

Another very valid method, similar to the first one listed, provides instead the use of the elliptical blur, always present in the Filter> Blur menu at the top of the graphic interface. By increasing the factor level (at a relative quantity of 100), a rather satisfactory result is obtained.

Darken your face in a photo with PhotoHide

PhotoHide is a website, unique in the world of its kind, which allows in a few clicks and with a disarming ease to obscure your photos in a simple and effective way. By connecting directly to the site ( click here to access ) you can first click the “Choose file” button, choose the photo from your computer to customize, then click on “Upload” which will start the process of uploading the photo. Once loaded, simply select the area you want to obscure and then click on “Hide Photo”. Just click on “Download” to download the photo you edited.

It is a very efficient and user-friendly portal as it does not require the use of external software and is preparing to be the number one alternative for the less experienced in the sector.

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