Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements arrives for iOS and Android

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements arrives for iOS and Android in 2019: ready to relive to fans the atmosphere of the TV series with a mobile game?

Breaking Bad lands on mobile, with a game for smartphones designed for both iOS and Android coming in 2019. The title, developed by Plamee and published by FTX Games, will retrace the exploits of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman inspired by the cult TV series ended in 2013.

Breaking Bad has been, and continues to be, a phenomenon with a considerable following: although it has been more than five years since the last episode, the series created by Vince Gilligan continues to thrill its fans through the spin-off Better Call Saul, joint at the fourth season, and a movie sequel coming to the cinema starring Aaron Paul.

The events of the TV series seem destined to continue for a long time also via mobile, where the players will be called in first person to relive the atmosphere of the serial.

Breaking Bad: management game for iOS and Android

The title of the mobile game will be Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements and will belong to the management genre, with a series of strategic elements and the main characters of the TV series. The target? Build, manage and maintain the drug empire and methamphetamine, the symbolic substance of the five seasons aired on AMC (and available on Netflix ).

The typical elements of management games should therefore be expected, with a series of objectives to be achieved, the collection and maintenance of resources, the defense against external attacks and the need for daily constancy aimed at keeping one’s game active.

The game will be free to pay, thus including some purchases in the app, but completely free to download. Other details, such as the release date, will be revealed in the future but the creator Vince Gilligan has already given his blessing to the project: “FTX Games is very attentive to details and I was genuinely impressed by their commitment to giving life to an authentic extension of the series universe. I think it will be a fun experience for the fans, who will be able to interact with the characters in the series in a completely new way.

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