Do you want to buy a used iPhone? Here’s what to check

The scam is always around the corner and when it comes to iPhone obviously do not skimp clones, locked phones, stolen and much more that not only will not make you do the deal of the century but will scam you great.

At Teknologya we advise you to check and see if you are going to buy a used iPhone in order to avoid a rip-off.

We will go and see things to be verified live with both visual checks and looking on the internet so as to verify that the iPhone is reliable, has no problems, is unlocked, is not of dubious origin and functions perfectly.

How to verify and control a Used iPhone

  • Avoid online purchases at bargain prices.
  • Meet the buyer in person and check according to the following advice.
  • Turn on the smartphone and insert your SIM.
  • Complete the registration process with your credentials.
    • If the old owner’s credentials are present, restore it in front of you by removing the Apple account, PIN or Login password by going to Settings> General> Restore> Clear content and settings.
  • Check that there are no codes and pins to access the device.
  • Check the display carefully for faults, cracks and burnt pixels.
  • From iOS 7, the Activaction Lock function was introduced, which if activated, renders the iPhone unusable if it has not been deactivated. Check that it is not active.
  • Check the reliability of the seller, feedback if you buy online and get the phone number and also the documents if you see yourself.
  • Beware of too low prices.


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