Here we are with a solution for yet another problem you may encounter in the Internet world. We surf and download many things regularly, whether it be multimedia, apps, themes, games from the web.

There were days when it was enough to just click on the download button to download the contents but now it’s not like that anymore. On our screen always appear annoying polls that ask to answer some questions and other times instead ask to fill our personal data such as email address, contact number etc.

How to bypass surveys of Internet sites, we are now here with some of the best and most effective Bypass tools Survey, with which you can bypass all surveys using these bypassing and poll removal tools to get a better browsing experience.

So, please do not waste your precious time, use these software or extensions to remove the survey, which is to automatically bypass any type of survey.

How to bypass surveys of Internet sites

1. XJZ Survey Remover

XJZ Survey Remover is an extension for Google Chrome Browser. This tool is available to be added as an extension to the Google Chrome browser and doing it is very simple. After successfully installing it in the Google Chrome browser, you can use it anywhere in the world as it literally has no geographical limits, provides users with only one option to bypass polls on Internet sites with one click and does not require any installation requirements. This is an easy to use tool.

2. Do Not Survey

Do Not Survey is an add-on to Mozilla Firefox that avoids polls on websites automatically without your intervention, so be sure to use this add-on if you use the Firefox browser. This tool could affect the user experience while browsing as it also blocks some of the other scripts that are really needed, so we strongly recommend that you use it only in case you want to exclude a survey when working with Mozilla Firefox.

3. Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher is considered one of the best tools in this field, ie to bypass surveys of Internet sites. Compared to Survey Bypass, the work it does is practically the same and you can find some professionalism in the user interface, but it is also easy to use. Just paste the URL from the website that requires the survey page and start coding the website to remove all the surveys with ease.

4. Bypass Survey

Survey Bypass is the most popular survey removal software, it is very simple and provides the friendliest interface that exists to its users. All you have to do is copy the URL of the website that polls on your screen and paste it into this poll exclusion tool, after submitting the URL it will automatically do everything to remove it. This application makes it much easier to ignore surveys and you can access them by visiting Survey Bypass.

5. ShareCash Surveys killer

ShareCash Surveys killer is another smart tool that helps you get rid of polls from any website. This tool works similarly to the other two tools we mentioned earlier. You just have to paste the URL in this tool and run it to complete your work. It uses almost the same method to bypass Surveys by coding the survey pages.

6. Survey Remover

Survey Remover has some really good features, along with the removal of the survey, it also helps you to download the blocked material using its content blocking function. Bypassing surveys of Internet sites through this website is very simple, like other exclusion tools, all you have to do is paste the URL. This is an easy to use tool.

7. Survey Remover Pro

The number six among the 10 best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “Survey Remover Pro”, this is also one of the most popular survey exclusion tools available on the Internet and one of the most used software to date. Survey websites supported by this tool include CleanFiles, ShareCash and File Locker etc. It will not only help you remove the survey, it will also help you remove surveys to download the full version of software, Torrent links, compressed files, etc.

8. ScriptSafe

The ninth among the 10 best Bypass survey tools to remove polls is “ScriptSafe”. This is just an extension of Google Chrome that helps you block different scripts when you surf the Internet. Although ScriptSafe is not the best, it’s worth trying because it helps you to download files from the website without having to copy the link and post to a different website making you save some time.

9. Redirect Bypasser for Firefox

Redirect Bypasser for Firefox is an extension of the Firefox browser. This tool can also protect you from the infected URL that redirects you from unwanted websites and also helps you bypass Internet site surveys. It acts as a multi-tasking tool and saves you from online fraud every time you are redirected to an unwanted website and automatically blocks the URL. This is also one of the best tools to remove online surveys with a good user interface.

10. All In One Survey Bypass Tool

All In One Survey Bypass Tool is one of the easiest, easiest and most powerful tools available on the Internet. With 4 steps you will be able to ignore any survey, in the first step all you have to do is enter the URL, then choose the source of the file, followed by a click on the Bypass button and download that will help you download the file.

Is it safe to use these survey removal tools?

Yes. It is safe to use these tools, but be sure to do so through an anti-virus scan before installation that could avoid potential risks to your computer.

You can also use this technique below if you do not want to download or install any type of tool to bypass Internet site surveys.

Alternative method for Bypass Survey

In this second method, we must follow the Javascript technique to remove the polls, then follow accordingly.

  • Use this URL and copy the java code that is mentioned on the site.
  • Now you have to create a bookmark and name it as “Bypass_survey” and paste the URL you just copied.
  • Now this will allow you to Bypass any poll by clicking on that bookmark.

This is really an easy method to follow when compared to all the other methods, as soon as you click on that bookmark, the survey will be ignored automatically because of the javascript copied and there is no type of additional installation required.

So these are our “10 + 1” suggestions for bypassing Internet site surveys, we hope to have been helpful. Leave a comment below if you like!


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