Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Trophies PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: PS4 Trophies. Call of Duty Black Ops Trophies 4 PS4 (PlayStation 4).

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Guide to Trophies for PS4

Today we offer the solution and complete list of all the Trophies of the game Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for PS4.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Trophies – PS4 (PlayStation 4)

In this guide you will find all the best tips to unlock all the results in the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 game on the Sony PS4 console.

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63 trophies (53 bronzes, 8 silver, 1 gold and platinum) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

  • Platinum – Award all other trophies to unlock Platinum
  • Arena Life – In IX, survive round 20 without opening gates – Bronze
  • Warrior revered – In IX, defeat the most revered adversary – Silver
  • Adversary skillful – In IX, get a challenge sign with all 9 medallions – Bronze
  • At the slaughterhouse – In IX, dismember 13 limbs in a single lot in the pit – Bronze
  • Ready to the gong – In IX, defeat the 8 challengers evoked by the gong within 5 minutes – Bronze
  • Serket Gift – In IX, get the Serket – Bronze Kiss
  • Here, kitty cat – In IX, kill a zombie tiger with a tiger with a Throats – Bronze
  • Acid Alchemy – In IX, perform a killing with the acid trap in each of the positions where you can build it – Bronze
  • Constellation Gift – In IX, kill 9 zombies with a single unloaded shot of the Death of Orion – Bronze
  • Abandoning the ship – In Desperate Journey, complete the Test – Silver
  • Here you do not touch – In Desperate Journey, you survive in round 20 without draining the water – Bronze
  • Pack here, Punch there – In Desperate Journey, use the Pack-a-Punch wherever you can in one game – Bronze
  • Paper, scissors, plasma – In Desperate Journey, kill 9 zombies with catalytic explosions in one match – Bronze
  • I know a shortcut  – In Desperate Journey, use all the quick travel routes in one game –  Bronze
  • Stirring the Flames – In Desperate Journey, kill 3 firemen by striking the weak spot in one game – Bronze
  • Clandestino – In Desperate Journey, passes 5 consecutive rounds in the cargo hold –  Bronze
  • Fish Food – In Desperate Journey, kill 50 zombies that are underwater in one game –  Bronze
  • West side all life – In Blood of the Dead, reach round 20 without leaving the west side of the island – Bronze
  • Kraken unleashed – In Desperate Journey, kill 9 enemies with one shot of the Kraken – Bronze
  • Multiplicity – In Zombie Assault, bring the multiplier to 100 – Bronze
  • Record score  – In Zombie Assault, reach a personal score of 250,000 – Bronze
  • Team play  – In zombie assault, reach 500,000 team points –  Bronze
  • Empirical Experience – In Desperate Travel, Get Sentinel – Bronze Artifact
  • Triplet … trice – In Blood of the Dead, kill the Director with Spinghardatrice, Acidatrice and Magmatrice in a match – Bronze
  • Historical Reenactment – In Blood of the Dead equips together Infernal Hunter, Spoon, Sphingdress and Tommy Gun – Bronze
  • Strong stuff coming – In Blood of the Dead, Forge a Magmatrix – Bronze
  • Hell makes them, then mates them – In Blood of the Dead, complete a cable car ride with the Director – Bronze
  • Successful escape – In Blood of the Dead, complete escape – Silver
  • Paranormal Remedy – In Blood of the Dead, revive another player with a shield –  Bronze
  • Insane Violence – In Blood of the Dead, kill 5 zombies with the infernal Redeemer before his return begins – Bronze
  • Throw the bone to the dog – In Blood of the Dead, feed a wolf’s head by cable car, citadel, Model Industries in a game – Bronze
  • From A to Zombies – Complete the Zombi – Bronze tutorial
  • Weapons Master – Bring all 8 special weapons to Stage 3 –  Bronze
  • Running studies – Use Master in slips to fall for 3 meters and kill 10 zombies at the same time – Bronze
  • Specialist relapse – Get all specialties in one game – Bronze
  • Surprise Gift – Offer a striking weapon of the mysterious box to a mate and let him accept it – Bronze
  • My first win – Win at Blackout – Silver
  • It’s not luck – Win 10 games at Blackout –  Silver
  • Big fan of specialists  – In Blackout, unlock Battery, Ruin, Firebreak, Seraph, Nomad, Prophet, Ajax, Crash, Torque and Recon –  Bronze
  • Zombi Fanatic  – In Blackout, unlocks Bruno, Scarlett, Diego, Shaw, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen –  Bronze
  • Blackout History  – In Blackout, unlock Reznov, Mason, Woods and Menendez –  Bronze
  • Hardened Veteran  – Reach Commander rank (level 55) in multiplayer playing online –  Silver
  • Special equipment  – Get 10 medals based on special equipment –  Bronze
  • Special Weapons  – Get 10 medals based on special weapons –  Bronze
  • Winner  – Win 50 multiplayer games –  Silver
  • Welcome to the club  – Reach the Sergeant rank (level 10) in multiplayer playing online – Bronze
  • Prestigious Award  – Reach maximum level or Prestige with 25 different weapons in Zombi – Gold
  • Centennial  – Get 100% of the stars –  Bronze
  • Multiplayer ABCs  – Complete the 10 specialist tutorials –  Bronze
  • Fighter  – Win 1 fight with each specialist (10 total) –  Bronze
  • Hound  – Unlock all information (audio and video files) –  Bronze
  • Astronomer  – Get a star with every specialist –  Bronze

Call of Duty DLC 1

  • End of the Cold War?  – In Top Secret, recovers and equips the prototype of the Skadi Project – Silver
  • Break the ice  – In Top Secret, shatter 115 zombies in one game –  Bronze
  • Shocking Experience  – In Top Secret, kill 115 zombies using electric traps in one game – Bronze
  • Light bill  – In Top Secret, reach round 20 without activating the energy –  Bronze
  • Preventive Attack  – In Top Secret, kill 50 Nova 6 zombies without causing them to explode in one game –  Bronze
  • The highest office  – In Top Secret, reach round 20 without using the elevator –  Bronze
  • Desperate need help  – In Top Secret and while you’re in Survival, use a teleporter and get revived in a game –  Bronze
  • Energizing Gas  – In Top Secret, kill 50 zombies while you’re under the effect of Nova 6 gas in one game –  Bronze
  • Closed at the Pentagon  – In Top Secret, complete 5 rounds in a row by staying in the hall of war in a game –  Bronze
  • Destination everywhere  – In Top Secret, use a teleporter 7 times in less than a minute in a single game –  Bronze


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Release

When does the game come out? When will it be available?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will arrive on October 12, 2018 and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Game

Black Ops is back! Get ready for visceral and “ground-breaking” multiplayer battles, the richest Zombi offer ever with three distinct adventures available to the release and to Blackout, a colossal battle royale experience set in the Black Ops universe with the biggest map in the Call of Duty story, Black Ops style shootings and characters, locations and weapons from the history of Black Ops in a total war experience.

The Call of Duty® Multiplayer: Black Ops 4 takes a quantum leap and offers the most raw and realistic combat experience ever, with a tactical approach focused on player choices. The game guarantees a new level of online action with a vast assortment of weapons, maps and new modes. For the first time ever, the multiplayer is also the narrative heart of the game, allowing players to develop a deeper connection with the role of each specialist and his unique style of play. With the return of the Scegline 10 system from Create a Class, to which new equipment is added, the experience becomes more customizable than ever and players can choose how to develop specialists. To all this is added the possibility to unlock series of devastating points,

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 trailer eng

Here is the trailer for the game:

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