Google+ for business: A mini guide to get started

Google Plus is a unique opportunity for all kind of businesses that want to promote themselves online and get more visibility on Google for free. Let’s have a look at our mini-guide on how to get started with Google+.

The advantages

The advantages for local companies that decide to enroll in Google Plus are very many and each brings with it different possibilities of visibility for the company:

  1. The main advantage is in the visibility offered by Google+ that will allow users to find you quickly and view your contact details, photos, location and last post in a convenient and practical preview that appears directly from the search. For accuracy in this box you can find:
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • The category of the structure (3-star hotel, real estate, …)
    • Link to get directions and get directly to the structure
    • Opening hours (this is one of the most searched information by users)
    • If it is an accommodation you could see the booking box (which leads to the OTA)
    • Reviews (number and score)
    • The latest posts on Google+
    • Link to social networks and you will be able to better manage this information, also changing the photos and the position
  2. Presence on Google Maps
  3. Presence in search results with posts
  4. Presence on Google Hotel Finder (for accommodation facilities)
  5. Can respond to reviews (if you have not verified your page you can not do it)
  6. Access advanced statistics about your business on Google:
    • The type of posts (photos, videos, text, links) that have received more interactions
    • How many times a single post has been seen
    • The growth of the followers of our page
    • Where our followers come from
    • Sex and age of our followers
    • Calls made to the activity
    • The route calculation requests that have been made

How to bring your business to Google

Getting started is simple, the only thing to do is create your own page on Google+, in a particular way we will create a “Google My Business” page.

There is only one caution to follow: if your business is local, whether you are a shopkeeper, an accountant or even a plumber you have to create a local page.

All instructions on how to create and verify your local page can be found, always updated, in the guide dedicated to Google My Business.


How long does it take before seeing results? 

Once we have created and verified our page on Google+ we have to wait a few days and all these advantages will be visible immediately.

Is the service free? 

Of course, the only cost can have is for the advice of those who support you in this operation, but the registration and verification to Google+ are completely free.

Is there a way to push my page on the first results of Google? 

Yes, you can follow the directions on optimizing business information and promoting your page on Google+.
You can also promote yourself through AdWords Express by making paid advertising.

Can someone guarantee me a better placement? 

No, no one can guarantee a better positioning and no one can have advantages for or special agreements with Google.

How can I change my local business information on Google My Business? 

You can follow the instructions in the guide, which will explain how to change every single field and information.

Should I register even if I’m a single professional and I work at home? 

Of course, as long as your customers can access your home to meet you, it’s always a way to get more visibility.

What name can I give to my page?

The name must be the real name of your company, the one that the customers know and that is then used to make you recognize around. For more information see the guidelines on the quality of your company on Google.

I have a problem that I can not solve, what do I do?

You can ask in the support forum of Google+ or contact the support directly through the blue button at the top right “contact us” you can find in the Google My Business support site.