How to Delete Google Plus account Full Procedure

If you’re wondering how to cancel Google Plus account, I may be able to help. After knowing that Google+, the Google social network, will no longer be maintained and that within a year will be closed, you wanted to deepen the issue. You would like to save the photos and the data of the account and, immediately after, delete your profile. Doing some research on the web, you’ve come to my blog.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to delete Google Plus account using the computer. Before doing so, I’ll also tell you how to backup Google+. Please note that you may also perform the suggested steps from iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets. However, I advise you to perform the operation from the PC, because it is easier. That said, we just have to start.

How to cancel Google Plus account

Before deleting Google Plus account, you need to know a few things. Proceeding with this operation, all your data stored in the social network will be removed. That is to say that posts, photos, followers and your own name will no longer be exposed to your circles. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to comment on YouTube with your Google+ account.

If you are firm on your steps, especially in view of the closure of Google Plus (scheduled for August 2019), proceed by reading in sequence the steps described below. Within a short time, you will have solved everything.


Data backup

Back up your data is an essential operation before deleting Google Plus account. This way, you can be assured of being able to find their own information if necessary. Furthermore, it is really easy to do it.

To back up Google Plus, ideally, as long as no other procedures are released, you use the Google Takeout service. This is a proprietary service that allows you to download Google account data related to all platforms used.

Connect to this page to access Google Takeout. Log in using your Google account credentials. You will then see a list of all the Google platforms you have used. Select all (or just some) and choose Next. At that point, select the archive format. Finally, choose if you want to download it or save it in the cloud and click on Create archive. In a few minutes (or maybe more), you will have downloaded your data. Once the operation is completed, you can proceed to close the Google+ account (see below how to do it).

Account deletion

To cancel Google Plus accounts, there is not much to do. It’s really a matter of a few minutes. After waiting for the backup, in fact, you simply need to log into the social network (as you usually did) and go to Settings.

From that screen, scroll to the bottom and choose Delete your Google+ profile. The delete confirmation screen will appear. You must select the option that informs you that deletion is an irreversible process, marked as mandatory. If you wish, you can also choose to no longer follow the people you were following on Google+ on other Google platforms.

Once the required check has been selected, the Delete button will light up. Press it and wait for the automatic procedure to end. After a few minutes, you’ll be out of Google+ permanently.

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