How to download Brawl Stars for Android and PC

Brawl Stars, at the moment, has only been released in some countries of the world. But you do not have to despair: with some tricks, you can in fact download Brawl Stars for Android.

Download the Brawl Stars or its APK, it is after all a simple task. Of course, some difficulties are “physiological”, but there are no impossible obstacles to overcome. You only have to choose carefully which method to download Brawl Stars for Android that best suits your needs. If you’re ready, then we can start right away.

How to download Brawl Stars for Android

Before you reveal how to download Brawl Stars for Android, I want to give you some tips about the security of your smartphone. Well, you have to pay attention to the APKs you download and install through “unknown sources”, because not all of them are good.

Only rely on sites known to download APK games for Android. Only in this way you can be sure of not infecting your phone with threats. That said, I would say that we can proceed with the guide.


What is Brawl Stars

Before seeing how to download Brawl Stars for Android, let’s try to understand what Brawl Stars is and why, both abroad and us, it is having such a great success. Developed by the software house Supercell (yes, the same that has also developed Clash of Clans and Clash Royale and that, at the beginning of the guide, I defined its “big brothers”), Brawl Stars is a multiplayer shooter.

The plot of the game, sees two teams of three players compete in “prepackaged” maps. The team of the surviving player, of course, gets the victory.

Where Brawl Stars is available

As I told you, at the time of writing, you can not download Brawl Stars for Android in many countries. It has not been spread all over the world, but only in some European, American and Asian countries.

To download and install Brawl Stars for Android from the Play Store, you should live, just to give some examples, in countries like Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland. The only chance to play with it right away is to install a Brawl Stars APK file or use a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) connection.

Install Brawl Stars from APK

The first option to download Brawl Stars for Android, go through the download of the APK file of the game and its subsequent installation. Before installing it, however, you will need to enable installation of applications from unknown sources. Android allows you to install apps even outside of the Google Play store but, for security reasons, you must go to unlock this feature from your phone settings. As I have already explained to you, the procedure for enabling the installation of apps from unknown sources varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, in most cases, just enter the Settings, choose Security and Privacy and after Other. In there, there should be the option described.

Once you have activated the installation from unknown sources, you can download Brawl Stars for Android from sites like APKMirror and the like. Once that is done, enter the phone’s Download folder and press the .apk file you just downloaded. At this point, simply follow the on-screen procedure and wait for it to finish playing.

Play Brawl Stars with VPN

Alternatively, you can download Brawl Stars for Android directly from the Play Store using a VPN connection. In this way, you will change country without moving from home. To activate the encrypted connection, open the Play Store, download the free Turbo VPN app and start it.

In the free VPN section, choose Singapore and wait for the word “Connected” to appear. At this point, open Settings > App and notificationand, in the list, locate the item Play Store. Now delete archived files and cache.

Now you’re ready to download Brawl Stars for Android. To do so, open the Play Store again, making sure that the connection to the VPN is still active, and look for the game inside the store. Unlike other times, the “Install” button should now appear. Here, all you have to do is press on and wait for the app installation to complete. Even if it is not necessary, I suggest you keep the VPN active while you play Brawl Stars, to avoid problems of any kind.

Play Brawl Stars with PC

If you want to download and play Brawl Stars in PC follow this guide.

  1. You can use Emulators to play Brawl Stars in PC.
  2. Download Brawl Stars for Bluestacks.
  3. Now it is installed in PC.
  4. You can the play game

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