Short Life: proceed to insidious levels avoiding deadly traps

Appearing for a short time in the field of web gaming, the platform Poki aims to offer a wide variety of mini-games, with which to have fun and kill time between a work break and another. In this article, among the available stock, we will analyze a nice multilevel platform, which is called Short Life.

Short Life: test your reflexes avoiding insidious traps

Short Life is a cute minigame, made by GameTornado for the platform of Poki, which will allow you through the arrow keys, to control a character to be led through various levels full of obstacles.

With buttons up arrow and down arrow, you can make the jump or crouch, while the arrow left and arrow rightyou move the character through the level. The obstacles present on Short Life, which will dangerously threaten your safety, must be carefully avoided. In fact, if you accidentally touched one of the latter, represented in the various levels by chainsaws, sharp spikes connected to various traps and land mines, your poor character will be torn to pieces.

During the levels proposed by Short Life, you will have to collect stars placed in the path up to a maximum of three, which will increase the score at the completion of the latter.

The degree of challenge proposed by Short Life, will increase with the progress of the levels. A perfect timing to avoid all the tricky traps that will arise gradually, will be crucial to successfully complete all the scenarios that you will gradually unlock. A game that in its progression can also test your patience, but which can offer you some interesting challenges.

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