How to fix “Attachment download is disabled” on Gmail

If you receive the error message “Attachment download is disabled” on Gmail, it means that maybe that file attached may be a danger to your device.

If you know that the file contains no threat you can use a method to overcome this problem and download it.

How to fix “Attachment download is disabled” on Gmail

To download an email attachment that has been blocked by Gmail, you must have a desktop email client installed on your system. This will not be a problem as all major operating systems have a default email client. Windows 10 has Mail, macOS has Mail and many Linux distributions have Thunderbird. Your desktop email client must be configured, meaning you must have an email account duly added to it.

Download attached Email disabled

Open Gmail in your browser and open the message with the attachment blocked. Click the More Options button next to the Reply button and from the menu, select Show Original.

This will open the email in a new tab/window. Click the Download Original button and make sure to change the file extension where the message is saved from TXT to EML.

Once the message has been saved, double-click to open it. It should open up with your default desktop email client. If not, drag the message to the email client or look for the Open File option in the client.

Right-click on the attachment and select the Open or Save option. You should be able to download the file and extract it if necessary.

Made as you see it was simple !!!


You can not disable the blocking feature in Gmail. We recommend that you never download an attachment that Gmail has blocked unless you are absolutely sure it’s secure. Even after downloading it, it’s a good idea to let your anti-virus scan it before accessing it.

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