21 Whatsapp tricks and hacks in 2018

We have collected several tricks and secrets of the world’s number one messaging app. Here are some WhatsApp tricks

Tricks and Secrets of WhatsApp that maybe you do not know

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used messaging app in the world. Over 1 billion users use it but only to send and receive messages, photos, videos and video calls, but do you know that there are dozens of features that not everyone knows and not everyone uses?

In this article we tried to collect several secret functions of WhatsApp. And how many do you know? Here they are and I recommend you tell the truth.

Use WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp also has its own web version, it is called WhatsApp Web and is accessible from all browsers by clicking HERE or there is the version to download and install on Windows PC directly on the the official website. It’s a desktop app but also as a web app.

Backup chat and multimedia WhatsApp 

Go to Settings> Chat> Chat Backup we can start and choose to save our chats and multimedia files choosing between local backup or Google Drive that offers unlimited storage space.

Send messages to yourself

To send messages to yourself you must still create a group with only you among the contacts and send a message on that group, which of course only you will receive.

Which attachments can be shared on WhatsApp?

With WhatsApp you can send the following types of files: csv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx, apk and zip.

Emoji WhatsApp 

The emoticons of WhatsApp may simply be quickly recalled by typing a colon ( “:”) and then the icon name to look for. For example: hat.

Open multiple WhatsApp Web windows on a single PC

If you use WhatsApp Web on PC you will notice that you can open one window at a time. But there are two tricks to start more pages, one opening the incognito browsing and the other connecting to the address dyn.web.whatsapp.com. The solutions are useful for those managing groups or WhatsApp Business accounts.

Send big files on WhatsApp

The app converts, limits and does not allow you to send huge files. Videos and images are compressed but you can still use another app, which said Telegram, which allows sharing files of larger size.

Read messages while driving

With the WhatsApp self-reading function allows you to read the message received via the car’s audio system. To do this you need to install Android Auto and activate the voice command function.

Share the position in real time

The Whatsapp position can be shared real time with a contact but also with a group. To do this you must go to the chat with which you want to share the position, choose the Position icon and finally on Share. In automatic the position will be shared in real time and to interrupt you must enter the chat and click on finish.

How to copy images and videos of WhatsApp on PC

We can do it from WhatsApp Web by clicking HERE by opening the profile or group icons and then navigating in the Media -> Links and Documents section. The alternative is to synchronize everything on Google Photos and browse the photos from there.

Send photos in High resolution on WhatsApp without compressing it

If we send a photo simply by sharing it, WhatsApp will reduce the size and quality for ease of sending to save traffic but to send it at full resolution you can send it as a document by selecting Document -> Browse other documents.

Save WhatsApp chat on phone or PC

We can save WhatsApp chats on PC by sending them as a normal email simply by accessing the chat we want to send and select the item Settings -> Other -> Send chat via email. The file sent is the text type but we can also attach the media by selecting the Attach Media option.

Turn voice into text on WhatsApp

Audio to Text for WhatsAppdownload HERE, is an app for Android that allows you to turn our voice into text and once the registration process is complete, by selecting the option Share on WhatsApp, it will automatically be shared.

Record a message by listening to it before sending it

It’s the fashion of the moment and sending an audio message of a few seconds is faster than writing for minutes and minutes, but if we have recorded an audio message of several seconds and we want to listen to it before sending it we have to press on the microphone to start recording, we remove the finger and automatically will be sent to the contact but for a few seconds, until the audio message is transferred, you can still delete the message before someone else listens to it.

If, on the other hand, we do not like the message we recorded before ending the recording, we slide to the left to delete it directly.

Write messages on WhatsApp quickly

If you want to quickly write our advice to use the speech synthesis on the alternative GBoard keyboarddownload HERE, and pressing directly on the voice command we can start talking on the microphone and automatically, will be converted into text without writing each word individually.

Use WhatsApp Business

Small and large companies have the advantage of using WhatsApp Business to reach their customers to offer assistance and provide information. The functions are different than the basic version and we can expand our business by being present on WhatsApp as a company that will verify our profile.

Free up memory on Whatsapp

Junk Photo & Video Cleaner – StashDownload here, is an app for Android that allows you to remove all unnecessary files of WhatsApp that serve to recover valuable space. Obviously our advice is to remove Video, Pictures and Voice messages received to recover space quickly.

Discover the status and profile of anyone

Use the WhatsDog application (Download HERE ) that will monitor and access any contact and profile even if we do not follow it and is our contact. Just enter it in the list of numbers to monitor and you’re done.

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