You have to invite a group of friends to a dinner or invite them to a party, but considering that they are many, you do not really want to write a text message one by one. The friends are all present in the address book of your iPhone and you are looking for a way to simplify your life and send multiple SMS from iPhone.

But why not send them from WhatsApp or Messenger? Of course, it has now become very easy to send messages through a group of WhatsApp, but the reason is there. Some of these friends do not use social media, including WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons why you are forced to send a text message from your iPhone to be sure that the message reaches everyone.

The function we have available on iPhone is iMessage, the Apple app available on all Apple devices. So it is natural to ask if you can send multiple text messages from iPhone using Messages. Well, the answer is yes. With this you can send a message to a group of people in the Address Book on iPhone. Not only that, you can also name the group as you do with WhatsApp, add friends or unsubscribe. Here is the guide that will help you send a message to a group of friends.

How to send multiple text messages from iPhone to a group of friends

If near the Christmas and Easter holidays you want to wish a group of people by writing a single message, here’s how.

First download the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, otherwise you may miss some recent function. You can also send the message from iPad or Mac, just log in with your Apple ID on iMessage first. Now let’s see how to send a multiple message from the iPhone.

What types of messages you can send from iPhone

Apple has created an intelligent system that allows you to automatically send a type of message depending on the device you are using or other factors. For example:

  • If your friends also use Apple devices like you and have iMessage turned on, the message you are going to compose on your iPhone’s Messages is transmitted as iMessage.
  • If instead you are writing a group message and your friends do not use iMessage, because maybe they have an Android phone, the message will be sent as MMS or SMS.

How do you distinguish what kind of message will your iPhone send? It is easy to distinguish them.

If the person receiving the message also uses iMessage, you will see the message inside a blue speech bubble, not only, you must also know that it is sent directly from Apple and not from your telephone operator. So it will be protected with end-to-end encryption. With iMessage you have other advantages, you can view all the answers from the group of friends, share your position with the group, give a name to the group, remove or add a friend.

If instead you have to send a message to a friend who does not have iMessage, the system sends the message as a group text message and recognizes it because it appears inside the green bubble. In this case the SMS is sent by your telephone operator with the consequences of some limitations. When you reply to a group text message, it is sent as a single text message. Recipients will not be able to see the other replies from the group.

Now let’s see how to send a group message from the iPhone

How to send a group message from iPhone

It’s really easy to send a message to multiple friends from iPhone with iOS. In this guide we tell you how to do it.

  • From your iPhone, open Messages from Home and click on the Write icon at the top right to write a new message.
  • Begin to insert the first name in the Address Book and continue with the insertion of the others by clicking on the “+” sign.
  • Write the group message and click on the Send button. Repeat this operation as many times as you want to send the message to an unlimited number of friends.

If you want to send a group MMS from your iPhone, you need to enable MMS. To do this you need to log in to Settings> Messages and enable MMS Messaging.

As you can see, the procedure for sending group messages from iPhone is very simple. Now, if you want to create a group of people as you do on WhatsApp, giving also a name to the group, continue reading.

How to name the group

If you routinely use this service to send group messages, it would be useful to name the different conversations, so you can easily distinguish them.

  • Click on a group conversation and select the start of the conversation. Click on the “i” icon and enter the name you want to give to the group and click on Finish.

Remember, you can only name the group iMessages and not the group MMS messages.

How to insert or delete a person from the group

On iMessage you can enter or delete a person from the group. To do this, follow this procedure.

Only on the iMessages group all group members can insert or remove a component in the conversation.

  1. Click on the group conversation where you want to add a component.
  2. Go to the beginning of the group conversation.
  3. Touch the “i” icon and click on Add contact.
  4. Enter all the contact details you wish to add and click on Finish.

Instead, to remove a person from a group iMessage conversation, you must have at least three more people inserted. As we already mentioned, you can not add or remove other users from MMS messages or group text messages.

  1. Click on the group conversation where you want to delete a component.
  2. Go to the beginning of the group conversation.
  3. Touch the “i” icon and scroll left to the name of the component you want to remove.
  4. Click now on Remove, then click on Finish.


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