8 Challenges For All TikTok Couples To Try

TikTok provides a space for all kinds of creators and views. It has both educational and fun meme content. The TikTok algorithm is unique and tailors a For You page exclusively for you based on your interests. With all this, TikTok also is responsible for making viral videos and trends that shake the world. TikTok is the place for you to consume content in a short time.

With increased couple creators, TikTok has also introduced challenges that couples can participate in and get trending. A newbie couple content creator can also buy TikTok fans to expand their global reach. There are plenty of couple challenges emerging, and you can attempt it with your partner even if you aren’t a creator. These challenges increase the bond between couples.

Challenges For All TikTok Couples To Try

#Passingthephone Challenge

Passing the phone challenge is a simple challenge where you and your partner sit down to record passing the phone. While passing the phone, you and your partner can roast one another, revealing bad habits about each other. It’s a fun challenge to communicate well and understand what is in your partner’s mind. Your direct dialogue for this challenge is “I’m passing the phone to someone with-‘ and you insert your roasting.

“Sometimes All I Think About Is You” Challenge

For this challenge, use this song’s sentence as your audio. In addition, you can join this challenge by compiling all the good memories videos and photos as a video. Partners usually attempt this challenge to show their gratitude toward each other. You can also try the “Sometimes all I think about is you” challenge if you are a couple obsessed and so in love with each other.

#Letmeraiseatoast Challenge

It’s a couple lip-sync challenge that you and your partner can perform together. The inspiration for this challenge is the audio from the movie “The Little Rascals,” released in 1994. The audio says, “Let me raise a toast to the girl I love the most in the world,” where your partner lip-syncs to “Please don’t tell my name.” You can also add photos of your person at the end of the video to make it look more pretty.

Disney Couple Challenge

In this challenge, the video is recorded with a filter, turning you into Disney characters. To tweak your content, you can record a clip of two dogs eating noodles or a traditional Disney couple. There are a variety of possibilities when it comes to the Disney couple challenge. For example, you can choose any scene and lip-sync to it or perform it with filters applied. Disney couple challenges make you and your partner look and feel cute.

“Yo Bro, Who Got You Smiling Like That” Challenge

The inspiration behind this trend is the moments when you can’t stop smiling when you think of someone. With this challenge, you can cherish your partner for making you smile. As a couple of TikTok creators, you can increase your reach with Paymetoo working with you every step. Join this challenge by compiling all the audios, clips, and photographs that make you smile looking at them.

Q & A Couple Challenge

With a ton of Q & A audio clips for couples floating around TikTok, you can try the most relevant one with your partner. For this challenge, you and your partner can either smack each other with a pillow or point. The questions for these challenges are primarily like “who kissed first?” or “who is the messy one?”. Your audience will learn more about your relationship and increase your account activity as a result. By the end of this challenge, you both would have felt nostalgic and happy.

Plank Challenge

These types of TikTok challenges are attempted mainly by couples who train together. If you and your partner are interested, start recording the challenge with a good music beat. Then, you can change the routine to your interest and make the challenge fun. These challenges increase trust and are usually fun to watch one another fail. For example, try a plank challenge with your partner and find out who is physically stronger.

“You Can Really Dance” Challenge

You can challenge your partner to a goofy dance. Use the TikTok audio “You can really dance” while attempting this challenge. Film yourself dancing a move and then point to your partner, asking them to copy the same. These types of videos are a hit if the actions are goofy. Be comfortable and feel yourself while attempting this challenge. Dance challenges can let you and your partner spend quality time together.


If you are a couple wanting to start your TikTok account and share moments or grow as influencers, try these trends. Use a good couple of hashtags and join in on the recent trends for a better reach. To become an influencer couple in TikTok now by joining these trends.

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