How to change address on spotify family & fix problems

In this guide we will see how to change the address in Spotify; depending on your type of account (free or premium)

When you sign up for Spotify, you provide a location. Since it has been used in a controversial way to prevent friends from dividing the family account, in different houses. This can also cause some confusion if you intend to live in another country and have a free account. Learn how (and if possible) to change the address in Spotify.

Who needs to register address in Spotify?

For the beginning of history, it is not necessary to register your address in Spotify, unless you have a Family Premium Plan. And Spotify is not at all grimy, and understands that family is the one who lives under the same roof, no matter who it is. However, he disregards “every one in his house” relationships. And this has become a problem for friends with family accounts, at least in the United States and Germany.

There, there are reports that the streaming service is using up to GPS to check if they all have a single address, followed by a request for proof of place of residence through location data. Without confirmation, account canceled.

Can I change the address in Spotify?

However, it is not possible to change an address in an existing Family Premium Plan. Because?! Why not. If you have moved or entered the wrong information, bye. You will need to create an account and signature with the correct address.

If you use a free account, you can change the country (but calm, I explain below) …

If you decide to cancel the premium to re-sign, be sure to cancel the plan on your first account and log out on all the devices it was on.

How to change my country in Spotify

If your problem is another and you plan to travel the world or move to another country, the reasons are other but the process is very similar. Again, it is not possible to edit if you are a user of a Premium account (which has local payment).

The good news is that you can travel abroad without having to do this, without changing your country. Similar to what happens on Netflix, there is only change in the catalog.

Change Country in Spotify Premium

According to Spotify, if you have Premium, you can use Spotify anywhere in the world for as long as you want in case of travel. However, if you move permanently, you should update your country settings and enter a form of payment that has been issued on it (local credit card). As? Undo Premium and only then, in the free account, you can change the country in your profile.

  1. Cancel your Spotify Premium subscription;
  2. Wait until the account returns to the free account at the end of the billing cycle;
  3. Only then, log in to your account page (same email);
  4. Click “edit profile” and go to “Country”;
  5. In the free account, you can select a new country;
    Note: The new country will only appear when you are actually in it.
  6. Click “Save Profile.”

After that, sign the premium again using a new local payment.

Country change in Spotify Free

Also according to Spotify, if you are using the free service and with advertisement, you can use Spotify in another country for up to 14 days. After that, you will receive alerts if online to switch. So, after two weeks, change the country.

You can do it in the free version:

  1. Sign in to your free Spotify account page;
  2. Click “Edit Profile”;
  3. Go to country and select the new country from the drop-down list;
    Note: The new country will only appear when you are actually in it.
  4. Click “Save Profile.”

Changes can only be made when accessing the web version ( ) and not in the apps.

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