How to change Android Fonts

When you see your friend’s phone and you notice that it is looking so good when you look at its words even if it is cheaper than your phone. And after few moments you also decide to change your fonts too but you don’t know how to do it. Aren’t you here for same? Don’t worry you are at right place. Today I will show you the few simple steps to follow that will allow you to change fonts on Android.

Before talking to you in depth, however, I would like to make you understand clearly and explain to you well what the fonts are.

What is the font? 

This is the type of writing used for the letters you see in your messages, in the apps and in the general text of your phone.

Usually, there is a default for Android and is what you see every day in all the applications you use and also in web pages and everything else.

If you are tired of always seeing the same writing characters, you must know that there are many other variations, and perhaps, it may be difficult to find the one that suits you. But do not worry, I’m sure you’ll find one of the hundreds of fonts written for you.

Changing calligraphy on Android is a very easy task, especially thanks to several apps on the Google Play Store, which, in two or three clicks, will allow you to have your ideal font on all screens of the smartphone.

Before downloading one of these programs, however, I have to make some clarifications:

ROOT: In the vast majority of cases, to be able to change writing on Android, you will necessarily need the permissions of Root. To get this access, there are several methods, and they all depend on the smartphone model you have. Unfortunately there is no univocal guide to obtain the Root permissions of any phone, however, some of the applications that I will show you in a short time, do not need any permission and work in a simple and immediate way.

BACKUP: I highly recommend you make a backup of your files, especially because, in this case, you will be able to edit directly the system files. This is a common practice that is always useful in many circumstances and allows you to remedy any mess if something goes wrong.

Good. These were all the warnings of the case. Now I can let you know all the applications to learn about many new alternative examples of writing for Android.



One of the most popular and dedicated font editing applications for Android is iFont. Root permissions are not necessary and its use is very simple.

With this app, you will also have the possibility to create a backup that will allow you to restore everything as it was before the changes, in the unfortunate case if something goes wrong.

With this app the devices of the following brands are compatible:

  • Samsung Galaxy [No Root]
  • Xiaomi [No Root]
  • Meizu [No Root]
  • Motorola [Root]
  • HTC [Root]
  • Sony [Root]

You can download iFont directly from the Play Store [ LINK ], and also, when you start it for the first time, you will see a nice list of recommended fonts among those most recently downloaded by other users.

In the case that there is not this lite, do not worry: you can go to Find and view all the recently added characters, finding everything you need within the New Font or Font All.

Once you find the font style you like, just select the Download item. From now on, wait until the data package is successfully downloaded in a few minutes.

After downloading, you must first click on Set and then Skip; immediately afterward you must confirm the operation and wait for the phone to restart. Now on Android use the font you previously selected in the app.

If you encounter any problems, you can go back to the previous font by going to MY and then clicking on the Factory Font icon.

In this section, you have to check the item Backup Font and then you have to click on OK. At this point, restart the device and you’re done.



This is another good free application that will allow you to change the writing fonts for Android in a flash.

To make this application work properly, however, you will need active root permissions. Although it works with a few Samsungs where you can change fonts without the need for permissions, for many other devices, there is no other solution.

Here’s what you can do with Hi-Font [ DOWNLOAD ].

After you start the application, you will find in the Category section all the Android fonts divided comfortably by category.

Just like it happened for iFont, even here, once you have found the character of writing that you prefer, click on Download.

Now press the Use item and confirm by pressing OK immediately. After doing this, the smartphone will reboot and start using the new font you have chosen, throughout the system.

If something goes wrong or the font is not as you expected, you can resort to the convenient backup function.

How does it work? Simply click on the icon on the left of the app and immediately on Settings and from there select Font Recovery.

Confirm to download the default Android font by clicking on the word Download. Once the procedure is complete, click on OK and the device will revert to using the original writing font once it is restarted.

Font Fix


I want to talk to you about one last app in order to change Android fonts.  This is Font Fix [ DOWNLOAD ], which until recently was known as the Font Installer.

This is one of the most used applications to change Android font, and I want to explain in short why you should choose it.

It works smoothly with most Android smartphones and even the latest top of the range.

As before, even in this case, there are some devices for which you do not need to do the Root, while for others.

You can install Android fonts directly from the application or download some from the app’s server.

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