Change fonts to Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to change the font to the stories, here is the procedure to follow

Surely many of you have noticed many different writing methods in Instagram stories. In this tutorial we will reveal once and for all how you can get them, both from Android and iPhone: let’s start.

How to change fonts to Instagram Stories from Android

Users who have an Android device can easily change fonts to Instagram stories but it is very important that you have installed and updated the Instagram app to the latest version available.

Once you have made sure that the Instagram app you have on your device is up to date so that it is not a new feature, to change fonts to Instagram stories you must first open the application and tap the icon with your profile picture – top left – just like you would like to create an Instagram story.

At this point, take a picture, or upload it from your Gallery, and finally plug the symbol Aa that remains at the top to insert the text of your story. You will immediately realize that – at the top of the center – a new key will appear. This new button, as you may have guessed, tells you which mode of writing you are using and is based on classic, which is the normal method of writing that you have used until today. To change fonts to Instagram Stories repeatedly tap that button and you can choose between Neon, Modern, Typewriter or Bold. Easy, right?

How to change fonts to Instagram Stories from iPhone

The procedure does not change even for those who use an iOS device. Even in this case, however, before you can change fonts to Instagram stories you will need to make sure that your iPhone is installed and updated to the Instagram app.

At this point you can start: open the social photos and create a new story by tapping on your profile image at the top left on the main page. Once you have taken the photo, select the Aa icon at the top as if you wanted to add some simple text to your photo, and you will immediately notice that at the top there is a new key with the classic writing.

This new button, just to manage the writing mode: to change fonts to Instagram Stories you have to do is click repeatedly selecting the mode you prefer and choosing from the following: Modern, Neon, Typewriter or Bold.

For example, to write in italics on Instagram, opt for the Neon font and change its color. Also, in this case, we find ourselves in really simple passages. Changing your stories, or rather their appearance, will be a lot of fun! It takes a bit of imagination and you’re done.

We have seen how to change fonts to Instagram Stories from Android or iPhone. If following the guide you find it difficult to write to us without asking the problem.

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