How to change location and language settings in Windows 10

Country and location settings are important while setting up Windows 10. They determine the default keyboard layout that will be used and the language of the operating system.

Both the keyboard layout and the language are set manually during setup, so there should not be much to worry about, except that it is Windows 10, so the settings do not always remain those. A feature update may force Windows 10 to use the location for both the language and keyboard settings. In this case, it may be necessary to change the location and language settings on Windows 10.

Location and language settings

If you are satisfied with the position settings, for example, the country is correct but you do not need the keyboard and the language to match it, you can change both the keyboard layout and the language, but leave the Country option as it is. If the country is not correct, you can change it too.

Open Settings and go to the Time and Language group. Go to the Region tab. Here you can change your country if necessary. If the country is correct, but Windows 10 is in the wrong language, select the correct language from the Windows display language drop-down menu. You may need to download the language, but the Settings app takes care of this for you.

When finished, be sure to remove the language that you do not intend to use.

Later, you may have to change the keyboard layout. The keyboard layout normally follows the country settings. If you changed your country in the previous step, it will have no impact on the keyboard layout. If the keyboard layout is not correct, you need to change it.

In the same Region and Language tab, select the language in “Preferred Language” and click the Advanced Keyboard Settings button. This will take you to the keyboard layout screen.

You can see which keyboard layout is enabled and you can add a different one if it is not correct. Once you’ve added the correct layout, remove the one you do not intend to use.

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