How to change your name in Free Fire

Free Fire shooting game is a famous Battle Royale, or all against all, for smartphones. Available for Android and iOS (iPhone), Free Fire is free and places 50 players on a remote island where only one person will be victorious. Your character can be customized in several ways and even you can change your nickname. But For a price. Here’s how to change your game name.

As stated before, you can even change your combatant’s name, but you will need to spend precious 800 diamonds for that. Be wary, however, of any other method that offers this feature for free.

How to change your nickname in Free Fire

1. Open Garena Free Fire on your smartphone, and tap your current nickname on the main screen (upper left corner of the screen);

2. Now touch the notebook icon, with the yellow color, just below where your current name appears;

3. In the window that opens, enter a new nickname. The system will check if the nick you have chosen is available. If it is not, the game will suggest a similar nickname or you can try others until you find one that has not yet been used;

4. After deciding which nickname to use, and it being available, you will have to pay 800 diamonds for the exchange.

Tip: let’s face it, it’s a lot of investment just to change a nickname. The tip here is to think carefully before creating your nickname, so you will not regret it later and pay (expensive) for it. These 800 diamonds can be much better used in other items of the game.

How to get diamonds in Free Fire

There are a few ways to get diamonds in Free Fire, such as events (keep an eye on the calendar, located on the right-hand corner of the main screen), daily rewards, or even shopping at the game store.

You can also make a monthly or weekly subscription, direct on the cell phone, and receive daily bonuses on diamonds, which vary in quantity according to the chosen association.

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