How to change nickname and put symbols in Garena Free Fire

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a shooting game of the Battle Royale genre available for download on Android and iPhone ( iOS ). The game is a success all over the world and has already been downloaded by more than 100 million people in Google Play and the App Store. Because of the large number of players, it may be difficult to choose a nickname unheard of for the character. That’s why the game allows you to put symbols in the nicknames to make the process easier. Here’s how to change your character’s name and put special characters.
Before beginning the process, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to spend 800 diamonds to change the name of a character already created. The digital currency can be purchased with real money or obtained for free. The tutorials were conducted on an Android phone, but the procedures are similar on an iOS device.

How to change nickname and put symbols in Garena Free Fire
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Changing the Character Name

Step 1. In the main game screen touch the character name in the upper left corner of the screen;
Step 2. Then a yellow icon similar to a notepad will appear just below the name. Touch it;

Step 3. The “Change Nickname” box will appear with your “Current Nickname” and the “New Nickname” field where the new name should be inserted. Note that the button to use the diamonds is off;

Step 4. Enter the desired new name using the virtual keyboard and select “OK”;

Step 5. To finish, just push the button to use the diamonds, which is now lit. The character’s name will change.

How to put symbols in nickname

To create a stylized nick with symbols you can use text editors, such as Word, or free websites that can be accessed directly by the mobile phone and provide the characters. In this tutorial the site called Nickfinder ( was used, but there are other options available on the Internet.
Step 1. Enter the site by the mobile browser. Touch the menu icon in the upper left corner and choose “Fancy text symbols”. Select the field to type and type the nick with the symbols you want. Depending on your phone and installed plugins, some characters may not appear. When finished, select “Copy”;

Step 2. With the nick already copied to the clipboard, close the browser and open the game. If you are creating a new character, you will see this screen. Choose the “Nickname” field;

Step 3. Instead of entering the name, press the text area until the “paste” option appears. The nick with symbols copied to the clipboard will be pasted;

Step 4. With the stylized nick already pasted, just touch “OK”;

Step 5. The name with symbols is ready. Now just select “CREATE”.

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