How to change phone number on Telegram

Telegram, excellent application of instant messaging, continues to collect successes and being increasingly downloaded by users who own devices Android and iOS, there are many options available from the app, including these as a phone number change on Telegram.

Unlike other applications that have a more complicated procedure, changing phone numbers on Telegram is really simple and immediate, just a few steps.

Before proceeding to change the number it is good to know that the common contacts, that is, the people present in their contacts, who also have our number, will have the new one added to the contact in the phonebook, unless they have been previously blocked.

How to change phone number on Telegram

The procedure to follow is really simple, to change the number you have to go to Settings, then press on your phone number under the username and select “Change Number“.

If you already have a Telegram account on the selected number, you must first proceed with the deletion of the account, also this operation to be done in a few seconds and without special procedures.

Recall that Telegram has a higher and more accurate level of privacy than other instant messaging applications, such as Viber and Whatsapp.

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