Changing Theme And Icons iPhone Without Jailbreak

Download themes for iPhone and iPad for free without jailbreak

Customize the appearance of your iPhone with these themes to be installed for free and without jailbreak. 

There is a quick and easy way to change themes and icons on all iPhone and iPad in an easy and fast way, without jailbreak. And in this guide I’ll explain step by step how to do it.

If you’re tired of the usual graphics of your iPhone, you want to change icons and theme and make your smartphone or your tablet (iPad) unique, today I’ll explain step by step how to customize the icon pack and the theme of your Apple device so really easy and fast.

Unfortunately, as we know, Apple and iOS do not allow by default to edit and customize themes and icons on the iPhone. Of course, the function comes via the jailbreak, but not all users want to do so as it goes to invalidate the warranty of the smartphone and make it less secure against viruses, malware and more.

How to change iPhone theme for free (no jailbreak)

From today, however, there is a much simpler, convenient and quick way to change themes and icons on your iPhone. It is a very quick trick to put in place that will allow you to choose, download and install many themes and icon packs for your iPhone or iPad.

At this point, here is the guide that explains the simple steps to follow to change the theme and icons of the iPhone and iPad (without jailbreak).

Change iPhone and iPad theme and icons (without jailbreak)

As anticipated, the guide is very fast and will require a maximum of 2 minutes of your time.

If something was unclear, here is a text guide:

  • the first thing to do to change theme and icons of iPhone and iPad (without jailbreak) is open Safari and go HERE
  • at this point you can browse the many themes on the portal until you find the one that best suits your tastes
  • For each theme you can see various preview images that will allow you to understand how your smartphone will be once the theme has been applied
  • when you have chosen the perfect theme for your needs, you have to go and install it for step on your smartphone
  • in general you must first install the Lock Screen, then the Home screen and finally the icons. Unfortunately it is not possible to install everything in one click
  • making an example of the icons, click on the item “Application icons”, from here click on Hide quick actions (top)> Select ALL to select all the icons on the page
  • done this, scroll to the end of the page and click on “Generate theme”
  • in a few moments the theme will be generated and a message will appear through which the tvi system will ask permission to install a profile
  • you must accept the system request and proceed with the installation of the generated profile
  • as for homescreen and lockscreen, however, it is simply a download of an image and set it as a background, the process is much easier and faster and does not need a guide for this
  • Do it all, go back to the Springboard of iOS (the home screen of iPhone and iPad) and you’ll notice that as if by magic the new theme has been applied and you’ll see all the new icons on your smartphone or tablet iOS.

Simple, easy and fast. And everything is free, without registration and without Jailbreak.

The guide works on iPhone and iPad. 

Conclusions – How to personalize iPhone

So, what do you think of this fantastic solution to change theme to iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak? Which is the theme you prefer, among the many available?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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