Are you having trouble using some apps that take advantage of GPS on your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you have a slow GPS and it takes too much time for the device to detect your position or the altitude warning is wrong? Maybe there’s something wrong with the GPS settings on your Android device.

If you are experiencing these problems on your Android smartphone or tablet, here is a simple way to check the GPS status and a quick fix to correct it if there are any problems. Attention, this quick fix does not help if the problem is caused by the GPS antenna of the non-working device (hardware problem).


How to check and fix slow GPS on Android devices

If your Android smartphone has GPS problems probably because it can not connect to the satellite with greater signal strength. To solve this problem you can try some method that we suggest in this guide. Try and in most cases, you can solve the problem permanently.

Reset GPS with GPS Status Test & Fix

This app has three main functions that we will see below and we will also see how to run this app.

  1. GPS Status – Raw GPS data: number of satellites, position, altitude, accuracy and speed.
  2. GPS correction: Reset your GPS status and download support data if your GPS does not work.
  3. Magnet – Get magnetic field readings from your magnetometer. You can use it to calibrate your compass. Wave your phone by drawing an 8 and if the two values match, your magnetometer is calibrated.

Now let’s see how the GPS Status Test & Fix app works.

  • Firstly, you need to activate the GPS on the device. To do this, go to Settings >Geolocation, then make sure that the checkmark is on Active. If the Not Active item is present, check the box to enable GPS.
  • Download a free APK app called “GPS Status Test & Fix“. Install the application on the device.
  • Once installed, start GPS Status Test & Fix.
  • The application will automatically scan and detect satellites in the vicinity. So all you have to do is wait for the results.
  • If the GPS of your device is having problems, the loading times of the data may be very long. In this case, press the “Reset GPS” button at the bottom of the app screen and then press “Get Xtra data“. To get a better result you leave the house to allow the device to connect optimally with the satellites.
  • Once the application has checked the GPS status, the results will be shown immediately.
  • To verify that the GPS is working properly, start Google Maps and set the type of “Satellite” map instead of the “street” or “terrain” map.
  • Try to evaluate the average time the device takes to acquire your position.

If the search for your position has improved, then it means that the app has managed to optimize the GPS setting, otherwise, it means that the internal antenna of the GPS does not work properly and you will need to contact the service center.

Check with GPS Status & Toolbox

This is an app that has the same functionality as the previous one. In case of problems with the GPS receiver or problems with the sensors (wrong compass orientation, etc.), GPS Status & Toolbox will help you solve the problem on your Android smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store at the following link:

DOWNLOAD | GPS Status & Toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox is an app that shows all GPS data and sensors on your phone. It is designed to be simple, but effective. It helps you see what’s going on while the GPS is trying to capture your positions, and can also be used as a simple compass and as a leveling tool. It will measure the speed and acceleration of the phone, the brightness or the air pressure (if the phone has the necessary sensors). The program also supports basic navigation functions useful when you are out or in the mountains. The app has four main screens as well as being able to display a system notification to show GPS data.

Show sensor and GPS data: position and signal strength of the satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, orientation, rolling, yaw and battery status.
Tools included: compass with magnetic and geographical north, level, score or share your position and retrace it later.
Keep GPS fast: reset or download A-GPS data regularly for faster fixes.

By default, the application will show the most important GPS data every time the GPS is activated, even if it is used by other apps. If you do not need the notification feature, you can turn it off in Settings/Background Behavior/GPS Status in Notification -> Never.

Were you able to solve the slow GPS problem of your smartphone or Android tablet? If you have further advice, let us know via the comments at the end of this article. They could be very useful to other readers who are in your same situation.


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