There is a very useful feature of Windows 10 that allows you to save a history of all Ctrl + C (“copy” command) that you do during the day and not just the last link copied in the cloud. These are images and texts that you can even transfer from one computer to another with a cloud-based clipboard.

You can not only paste from your clipboard history, but you can also pin the used items more frequently. Why have not we used this before!?

Activate NOW.

How to access and check the history of the Windows Clipboard

Accessing clipboard history

To access clipboard history at any time, press the Windows + V key on your keyboard. You can also paste and fix commonly used items by choosing an individual item using the clipboard menu.

To share your clipboard items between Windows 10 devices:

  1. Select the “Start” button;
  2. Go to the “Settings”;
  3. Search for “System” and “Clipboard”;
  4. Choose “Sync” under “Sync between devices.”

Note that the sync feature is linked to your Microsoft account or your (corporate) work account; use the same login information and password.

Enabling the cloud clipboard

All this will only work if you enable the feature in Windows 10. To activate your clipboard for the first time, select the Windows + V key and then “On.

How to clear my clipboard history

You can clean everything – except fixtures – on your device and in the cloud:

  1. Select “Start” and click “Settings”;
  2. Look for “System” and then “Clipboard”;
  3. There, choose “Clear Clipboard Data” and “Clear”.

You can also clear the device’s clipboard history only by selecting the “Windows + V” key and using the “Clear All” option at the top.

To clear a specific item in the cloud, open the clipboard by selecting the Windows + V key and clicking “Delete” on what you no longer want.

Synchronization of Windows 10 Clipboard History with smartphones is not yet available, but Microsoft says it will be released “soon”.

Important notes about the clipboard

  • Its size limitations are up to 4 MB per item;
  • Text, HTML and Bitmap images are supported;
  • Your clipboard history is limited to 25 copied entries;
  • Older items – unless they are fixed – are removed.


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