How to close or delete Hotmail account

You recently followed my guide on how to create an email address and created a new email account. Well, congratulations! However, if you previously had a Hotmail account and now you would like to know how to delete it because you do not think it will be more useful, most likely it is the case that you read this guide carefully. In fact, in the following lines I will go to explain everything you need to do to close your Hotmail account.

Before you can get alarmed and think about the worst, however, I want to reassure you immediately on one thing: Contrary to what may seem to close a Hotmail account is a fairly simple operation to do, even if you are not exactly expert in computer science. To close the Hotmail account it is sufficient to do just a few simple steps, nothing more, I assure you.

If it is therefore your intention to close a Hotmail account, I suggest you get comfortable and concentrate for a few minutes of your free time on reading this guide. I am sure that you will eventually be ready to agree with me that closing Hotmail account was actually a real breeze and that on the first good occasion you will not have problems explaining how to “succeed” to all your friends.

In order to close the Hotmail account the first thing you need to do is connect to the Microsoft account management panel. To do this click here. Then log in to the service by typing in the Email or phone field the email address for the Hotmail account you want to close and in the Password field the password associated with it. After that, click on the Login button and wait for the login to be done.

At this point click on your profile icon located at top right of the screen then go to view account.

Now select the item Security that is located at the mid right and then presses on the item More security options that you find in the section Account Security in the new page displayed.

If required complete the verification procedure of your identity by requesting a security code by email or by SMS and then click on Send the code and enter the code you received via email or as a message on the mobile phone in the appropriate field that is shown on the screen. Then press the Send button.

Proceed by going to the bottom of the new screen that is shown to you, locate the section Close your account and then click on the item Close the account.

Now press the button Next, put the check mark next to all the options that are shown to you (, Hotmail and OneDrive will no longer be accessible, Contents may not work as expected, etc.) And click on the button before Mark and then on Finish to complete the procedure.

At this point you can tell you more than satisfied: you’ve finally managed to close Hotmail account. If you had changed your mind, you do not have to worry. Taking into account this eventuality, the Microsoft team allows to recover the deleted Hotmail account within 60 days from the execution of the closing procedure of the same. During this time the account is marked for closure but in reality still exists.

In order to reopen the deleted Hotmail account, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are using the current security information for your account. To do this, just connect to your Hotmail account on or any other Microsoft website and click on the Continue button, I want to reopen the account. Then you will have to verify the identity by accepting the receipt of the security code by e-mail or by SMS and to end you will have to press the End button.

Before completing the procedure by which to close a Hotmail account, however, I would like to pay attention to some small but important details.

To begin with, make sure that there are no active subscription services on your account. In the case of active services going to close Hotmail accounts you could in fact run the risk that you are charged for something that you will not use anymore. To verify that there are no active services on your account click here to connect to the subscription management panel and make sure that no subscriptions are indicated. If instead there are some subscriptions remove them all by pressing on the appropriate option.

Also pay attention to the presence of any balances related to Microsoft or Xbox gift cards that may be active on your account. If you have any balance referring to gift cards I suggest you take advantage of it before closing your Hotmail account. By not doing so the balance obtained through gift cards should inevitably be lost when the account is closed.

Another operation that may be useful before closing a Hotmail account is to download a copy of the contacts you have on

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