All the Colors Available for the iPhone 13 and Which Should You Choose

Every year, in the autumn, we get the traditional Apple event that announces new generations of their products or mid-cycle refreshes. On September 14, 2021, we had the event that introduced the iPhone 13 to the world. Presented as an exclusively online event, Apple did manage to put on a show and so far, the latest generation of iPhones does not disappoint. If you made up your mind and plan to upgrade and know if you want the Mini, the standard, the Pro, or the Pro Max, you still have to pick one out of the many iPhone 13 colours. The colors available are different from the previous generation and some appear to be duller than others. Regardless, there are a few interesting options to choose from. Sadly, there is no purple version yet as in the previous generation but who knows what Apple has planned down the line.

Colors Available for the iPhone 13 and Which Should You Choose

The iPhone 13 Mini and Standard Version

Like in the previous generation, the color options are split in two. The iPhone 13 Mini and the standard version share the same color options which are different from what you can get on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 13 colours available do offer a fair degree of options.

The colors available for the iPhone 13 are Pink, Blue, Midnight, and Starlight. There is a fourth color option called (PRODUCT)RED. Out of all the iPhone 13 colours, the special red edition comes with a heartwarming fine print. Every red device sold includes a contribution to the Global Fund which Apple will make. They are donating a percentage of the sales of the red iPhones to a noble cause. Both the Mini and the standard version are available in the limited red edition color.

Colors Available for the iPhone 13 and Which Should You Choose 1

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max come in different colors than what the other two versions of the phone are getting. Sadly, there is no red edition or special edition like the (PRODUCT)RED one. Simply put, for the Max, the iPhone 13 colours that you can get at four in total and include Sierra Blue, Silver, Gold, and Graphite. The colors are more neutral and do not stand out in any way. Apple has made the previous generation color options for the Pro and Pro Max in a similar fashion, using neutral colors that are less intrusive.

Which One Should You Pick?

You should not choose your next phone based on the color. The color is mostly seen on the thin bezel on the front that is barely noticeable and the rear glass plate of the device. You will most likely get a case for it and you will rarely look at the back of the phone. For this reason, the iPhone 13 colours do not matter all that much. What you should focus on is the version that you want to get. You have to decide between one of the four available and then look at the color options. If you want a small device that is easy to use with one hand, the Mini might be the right one for you. On the opposite end, if you enjoy the concept of a phablet, the Pro Max may be a more suitable option.

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