Complete guide on how to install Groove Music in Windows 10

Have you mistakenly deleted the Groove Music application from the list of programs installed on your computer? Have you tried every way to reinstall it but you have not succeeded? Do not worry. I’m here to help you. In this article, in fact, I will show you how in a few simple steps you can install Groove Music.

The first thing to do to reach our goal is to open the Store of Windows 10. To do this, the fastest method is to type the word Store, in the Start search bar, and select the first item proposed.

Type the word Groove, in the search bar in the Store, and press Enter to start the search.

Click on the Groove Music application in the search results.

Within the application press on the button  Get.

Wait for the program to be downloaded and installed on your computer. The duration of this operation may vary depending on the speed of the Internet line.

At the end, the Groove Music program will be present on your computer. No computer restart is required to complete the operation.

Well, this is how you now know how to install Groove Music on your computer in the right way. I hope with this guide that I was able to help you.