5 Websites to convert photo to pencil sketch online free

To transform photos into pencil drawings there are essentially two ways: either be practical with graphics programs and then do it with software like Photoshop or FotoSketcher or use one of the web services with tools created specifically for this operation.

If you are interested in the second solution then you just have to read the rest of the content of the post where we will recommend the use of 5 sites to turn photos into pencil drawings directly online. The question then arises: are these resources difficult to use? Do you need to have some knowledge about photo editing?

The answer is absolutely No! In fact, the sites described below are so simple that it takes less than 5 minutes to understand how to manage the various features offered. But now let’s go through the features of these services to really understand how to transform photos into pencil drawings.

Site index:

  1. Sketchmypic.com
  2. LunaPic
  3. Snapstouch
  4. PhotoFunia
  5. Graphite Pencil Sketch

1. Sketchmypic.com – ^

Sketchmypic.com is an excellent resource (if not one of the best) to transform the classic shots into photos containing subjects made as if a real pencil was used. This tool allows the upload of any type of photo and once chosen and applied the pencil effect, will output three different variations of the photo, so you can choose whether to download them all or download a single photo. For each shot that needs to be transformed, the resource will provide a preview in real time so as to verify the goodness of the final result. As a base color setting for the output there is the grayscale, so the result will be in black and white, but you can also choose the colored pencil effect that will provide a final image in color. The transformation process is quite intuitive, Apply to get the edited photo.

2. LunaPic – ^

LunaPic is another great service for photo editing and has often been featured in graphic posts on our blog. Among the many features offered, Lunapic also presents the ability to turn a classic photo into an image containing a pencil sketch. Compared to the previous site, offers many more effects to transform your photos, the most used and known are:

  • Black and white pencil effect
  • Colored pencil effect
  • Sketch effect
  • Color sketch effect
  • Scribble effect
  • Color doodle effect
  • Pen and ink effect

Moreover, once you create and transform your personal photos, the resource allows you to take advantage of cloud services to make the final rescues, so you always have a copy of the work done.

3. Snapstouch – ^

SnapStouch is another very useful free online tool that offers its users a series of really interesting features to edit and transform photos. Simply upload the photo to edit on the site, choose the desired effect (in our case pencil drawing) and start the image transformation process. In addition to the classic features, Snapstouch also offers the opportunity to set and set custom color values in RGB to assign to the subject of the photo.

4. PhotoFunia – ^

Even PhotoFunia has been repeatedly described and reviewed on the blog mainly because of the many features offered that make it a truly complete tool. Essentially the characteristics to transform a photo into a pencil drawing are the same in all respects to other genre services, with one but important difference: on PhotoFunia it is possible to upload images of 700 × 523 pixels of maximum size, so if we use a larger photo, the service will provide automatic cutting. If this limitation is not a problem for you, then you can easily choose to use PhotoFunia to edit your photos.

5. Graphite Pencil Sketch – ^

We close today’s focus with a site called Graphite Pencil Sketch and is similar in all respects to PhotoFunia. Also in this case there is the limitation on the size of the images, so by using a larger photo it is possible that some interesting details are cut. The positive aspect of this service is that you can take advantage of the best Cloud services available as well as provide a quick sharing of the result on the main social platforms.