In this article you will have the opportunity to see 4 sites to add liquid effect to online photos. These are really useful tools for photo editing. In reality, the web is full of platforms of this type: the real problem is that there are very few that allow you to add this liquid effect. So you could struggle to find them, and that’s why we intervene to inform you on the dot. Thanks to the software that we will present today, you can include in your photos a truly enveloping and engaging effect: you can even customize it, thanks to a series of options.


A self-respecting guide could not be completed without include iPiccy in the list: in addition to being one of the few sites to add the liquid effect to online photos, iPiccy is also a container full of moderately advanced editing options.

The instrument for the liquid effect, however, you find it in the basic menu, scrolling down the screen: here you will find the function Liquify. In addition, this feature has two options to customize the fluid effect to be applied to your photographs: with the Pucker function you can decide to apply it only to the selected area, while with Bloat you will get a particular swollen effect of the liquid. You can even customize the size and tip of the brush. Finally, it supports many photo formats and allows you to upload them not only from the PC, but also from a URL or directly from the webcam.


The second of the best sites to add the liquid effect to online photos is Polarr: this portal also provides you with a liquid-looking distortion tool, and all in all it is very similar to iPiccy, as to options that allows you to take advantage of. Even in this case, in fact, you can customize the brush and choose a swelling effect. It must be said that access to these options is quite complex, since by default there is no tool to thin the photos. How do you do? After uploading the photo, you must click on the + sign at the bottom right of the site interface. After that, you have to open the Distortion tab and look for the Liquify tool: now you can add it to the interface, to use it when you want.

AnyMaking Liquify Photo Maker

Another very nice alternative is AnyMaking Liquify Photo Maker: in this case we talk about a tool dedicated exclusively to adding the liquid effect to online photos, so easy to use. Of course there are all the basic editing options to lengthen or liquify just certain areas of the photo, or to create bulges or visual bottlenecks. You can also change the size of the brush and you can also use the eraser tool, which allows you to undo the last change made to the photo: all these tools can be activated even by shortcuts, which makes the aforementioned portal very quick and intuitive. Then, when you’re done, all you have to do is click on Save to download the edited photo on your computer.


The last of the sites we’ll see today to add the liquid effect to online photos is FotoFlexer: despite the belated quote, in reality this website has some really interesting extra features and options. Its merit, in fact, is to go beyond the canonical options, adding some very special liquid effects also, such as the Bulge and Pinch, the Twirl, the Stretch and the Squish. Basically you have a sea of options to play with your photos and to find out how they would be applying many different and non-canonical effects. How to use it? Just upload a photo, select the Distortion tab, locate the Liquify option and then customize the brush size. When you have also chosen the liquid effect to add, you can use the brush to apply the changes to the photo.