4 Websites to Add Grain Effect to Photos Online

In this article we will talk about 4 sites to add grain effect to online photos. All these tools are free and really easy to use. But what can you do? With these sites you can change the intensity of the noise and then add a grain-like effect. In most of these portals, you can also preview the final result before saving it. Finally, also know that you can apply different types of noise, so as to obtain different grits. But what are the best platforms that allow you all this? Let’s see these 5 online services together.

Mara Noise

Mara Noise is one of the best sites to add grain effect to online photos. This portal allows you to apply noise, and it does so in a very simple and immediate way. All you have to do is add your image, set a couple of noise levels, apply the option and then download the modified image. You can upload the photo from your computer, or enter the URL of an image you find online. You can even take advantage of your webcam to take a picture, or upload any image from a cloud server like Dropbox. Consider that you have the preview in real time, so you can also evaluate the result before downloading it.

Pine Tools

Pine Tools is another portal that lets you add noise to photos, creating the grain effect. This is another really simple platform to use. Even in this case, you only need to upload a photo from the PC, set the noise parameters (such as the power) to your liking and see how the grain effect comes out. In fact you can use two sliders to customize the noise. When you have finished editing them, you can click on “Apply Noise” and then save it in JPG, PNG or WebP format.

Film Emulator

Film Emulator is not a simple site to add noise since, in addition to the grain effect, you will find many other effects to apply to your photos. Basically it is a platform that allows you to transform your images by adding filters and effects in vintage film style film. Which also includes the addition of background noise. To do this, you have to add a photo, change the grain effect slider, and possibly add other extra effects, if you wish. When you are satisfied with the result, you can click on the download option and download the modified photo. It should also be said that there are many formats supported.


The last site to add grain effect to online photos is G’MIC. Even here we are dealing with a free tool, but that you can use to add not only the noise, but also many other effects and image filters. If you have already understood how the previous portals work, even in this case you will not have any surprise, because the operation is identical. Simply upload a photo from your computer, go to the Filters section, choose the “Degradations” option, and then customize the Noise option. Once this is done, you can even add positive or negative noise.