3 Websites to Add 3D Anaglyph Effect to Photos Online

Today we will see 4 sites to add the anaglyph effect to online photos. You can easily add this effect using the portals you’ll find in our list: in fact, you’ll simply need to load the image into the interface, and then select the anaglyphic effect. Virtually these web applications do nothing else. And in fact, you do not have to confuse them with software to create 3D anaglyph photos: photographs that can be used with classic red and blue glasses. That, in fact, is a whole other couple of sleeves. But what are these platforms?

Mara 3D Anaglyph

Mara 3D Anaglyph is one of the many photo editing tools available on this platform. But it’s also one of the most interesting because it allows you to add anaglyph effect to online photos. All you have to do is upload your photo, and the anaglyphic effect will be added automatically. Then, there are several ways to upload photos to the Mara website: you can do it from your PC, provide an online link, or import it from Dropbox or capture the image via your webcam. Mara thinks of everything else. You can even change the preview size as you wish. To download the photo, you only have to go down and click on the download button. Very easy.

ConvertImage: 3D Anaglyph Stereo Image Maker

ConvertImage: 3D Anaglyph Stereo Image Maker is a site to add the anaglyph effect to online photos much more complex than the previous one. This is because the aforementioned platform also allows you to add different anaglyphic effects, not just one. The only reason why the site is in second position, is the following: it is quite boring and long to use, so not ideal for those who would like a quick and agile instrument. In contrast, the options are many. But how can you add the anaglyph effect to your photos? You must upload the image, select the format option, accept the terms of use and finally select the type of anaglyph you want to apply. Unfortunately, the site allows you to upload photos only from your PC.


Pic3D is another great option to add anaglyph effect to online photos. Just like with ConvertImage, even in this case you can only upload the photo from your PC. To do this, you must click on the Choose File option and select the image you wish to edit. As soon as you have done it, the photo will be loaded and the effect applied automatically. It is beautiful that the image is animated by the red and blue contours that change periodically. So, if you want, you can also decide which version to download to your computer. This means that you can download different anaglyph options applied to your photos: which is a big plus. To do this, simply click on the Save button. Finally, Pic3D supports virtually all image formats.