5 WebSites to Add Film Effect to your Photos Online

In this guide, we will look at top 5 sites to add the film effect to your online photos. Thanks to the support of these platforms you can easily achieve this goal. All you need to do is upload your photos to these portals and start customizing the effects to be applied to the whole collection or single photo. Some of the sites we will see today are full of customization options, while others are more Spartan and very poor portals. Are you curious to know more? You just have to get comfortable and start reading.


TUXPI.COM is without a doubt one of the best sites to add the film effect to your online photos. Being a real editing portal, you can also add frames, filters, colors, borders and so on. You can even add fading effects, overlapping objects, artistic elements, special effects, and much more. But what matters is that with this editor you can easily create a photographic film including the photos you want: there is a special tool that allows you to do it, so it’s all very simple. Because in fact you just have to upload photos to add the various frames. Finally, you can also decide to insert text and play with the various editing options.


The second of our favorites is FUNNY.PHO.TO. This is one of the best sites to add the film effect for a very important reason: the presence of an avalanche of editing options, which of course you can take advantage of even when you create a film. Some of the main features of this site are the fun effects, and the ability to touch up the faces. You can also add cartoon effects and create postcards, personalized avatars and other such amenities. To create a film from photos, you need to select the Filmstrip effect on the Multi-Photo Frames tab: it’s really simple.


Another interesting site to add the film effect to your photos online is IMIKIMI.COM: in this case we talk about an editor entirely focused on this operation, which does not allow you to do anything else. Here you can find a wide range of frames for your photos, organized according to different categories: events, festivals, birthdays and so on. Let’s say that the photo frames in sequence are arranged like a collage: two photos in the middle, four photos on the right, and another four on the left. Unfortunately this site has a fairly marked defect: it adds to your collage a rather annoying watermark, which you can not remove in any way. And there are a few options to customize your images.


Lunapic is a very advanced online photo editor, with lots of features similar to Photoshop. This means that you can use it for a thousand different purposes. And that you can do it even if you want to add the film effect to your photos online: which is also quite simple on this platform. To do this, you must also select the Filmstrip option from the Borders tab. Being an edge and not a frame, however, you will not be able to adjust the image.


We close our article on the best 5 sites to add the film effect to your photos online with INSERTFACE.COM. In this case, we are faced with a sort of photo frames collector: what you need to do is look for the film effect on the search bar and apply one of the various frames containing this tag to the image. While not anything that is transcendental, it offers you a wide range of possible choices and the opportunity to customize the film effect.