Install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10

How to install Ubuntu in dual boot directly from Windows thanks to WubiUEFI. Ubuntu for Windows 10: here’s how to install it in dual boot in the easiest way possible

Ubuntu with Windows: how to do it quickly and easily

In today’s guide we will see how to install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10. 

The guide that you find below differs from the others available on the web because:

  • is up-to-date
  • it’s the simplest
  • allows you to have Ubuntu and Windows 10 on the same computer in a few simple steps

In practice this guide to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 is the simplest, perfect for novice users, who want to try Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 but do not have great computer skills.

If you also want to try Ubuntu on your Windows 10 PC and you want to do the operation in the peace of mind, in a few simple steps, you’re in the right place!

Let’s not waste time and see how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using WubiUefi.

What is WubiUefi?

Let’s start by saying that WubiUefi is the fork of Wubi, that is a Windows program that allows you to install Ubuntu and some of its derivatives directly from the Microsoft operating system in dual boot.

As I anticipated, this guide is very simple, fast and easy to follow even for less experienced users. 

It is ideal for those who are not very computer-geeks but are curious and wants to try Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows. 

This way you can keep both operating systems on the same computer (they will not conflict) and you can even uninstall and remove Ubuntu when you get tired of this operating system. All in a few simple clicks!

But now enough with the chatter, let’s start with the easiest and fastest way to install Ubuntu directly from Windows.

Guide to installing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10 using WubiUefi

First of all, of course, you have to download WubiUefi from the official site: LINK DOWNLOAD.

Start the WubiUefi program.

NOTE: When starting WubiUefi, Windows SmartScreen may not recognize it and prevent it from starting. Click on “Run anyway” to proceed anyway.

Make sure your internet connection is working and wait for WubiUefi to automatically download the necessary files.

At the end of the download, restart the computer as required.

At this point, when you restart Windows, the Ubuntu installation will start automatically. You will not have to do anything, just wait for the Ubuntu installation to complete.

Once this is done, when you restart your PC you will notice that for about ten seconds a new menu will appear that will allow you to choose whether to start Windows or Ubuntu.

NOTE: if you do not make any choice, Windows automatically starts.

The first time you will obviously have to choose to boot Linux: once you click on the dedicated menu, the computer will reboot and the classic Grub menu will appear to access the penguin environment.

Done! You have successfully downloaded and installed Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10 on your computer.

Or rather, you did not do anything, did the whole program independently!

How to remove dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10

As anticipated, the whole procedure is reversible in a few clicks and completely automatically.

So if you get tired of Ubuntu with Windows 10 and you want to remove, remove or uninstall Ubuntu from your PC, you just have to start the program uninstall-wubi.exe from Windows.

Once this is done, you will only have to confirm when requested and all changes made, installation folder and boot menu will be removed.

In a few moments you will return to having only Windows 10 on your PC and you can say goodbye to all the Ubuntu files.

This is also extremely fast, simple and immediate.

Ubuntu for Windows 10 – Conclusions

We have concluded with this guide.

As anticipated, it is certainly not suitable for more experienced users, who know very well how to install “normally” and correctly Ubuntu on Windows 10.

But it is very useful for less experienced users, who want to try Ubuntu without losing too much time in long and complex procedures, which could interfere with various types of errors.

For doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article.

Let us know if you will try this guide to install Ubuntu next to Windows 10.