How to connect and configure Apple Pencil

Since you have decided to buy an iPad Pro or a sixth generation iPad paired with the famous bitten apple pen, now you are looking for a guide containing all the steps to combine the two products. We at Teknologya have decided to explain how to connect Apple Pencil in a few simple steps depending on whether you have the first or second generation.


Before discovering the specific steps to be done, you need to make an important premise about the compatibility and connectivity between the Apple Pencil and your iPad. At this moment, the Cupertino colossus offers two versions of its pen on the market.

The first generation is compatible with iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 (the latter both first and second generation) and with the sixth generation iPad while the second version of the Apple Pencil can be used with iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 third generation.

In either case, you need to connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad using Bluetooth technology and then physically connect the pen to the charging port of the iPad. If you do not know how to activate Bluetooth, simply press the gear icon on the iOS home screen to open the Settings and then press on the Bluetooth option.

In the screen that appears, activate the switch in correspondence of Bluetooth. The same operation can also be made by the Control Center of iOS. So, swipe the top right edge down and then press the Bluetooth icon. The icon will turn blue.

How to connect the first generation Apple Pencil

If you have a first generation Apple Pencil and an iPad compatible with it, then you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • After having enabled Bluetooth on your tablet following the instructions in the previous lines, remove the cap on the top of the Pencil and connect its Lightning connector to the respective port of the tablet.
  • After that, on the screen of the iPad should appear a warning message related to the Bluetooth pairing request with the pen.
  • Continue by pressing the Match button and you’re done.

If the warning in question does not appear, most likely the Apple Pencil is discharged, so you will have to connect it to the iOS device and wait a few minutes to make it recharge at least a little.

How to connect the second generation Apple Pencil

If you have an iPad Pro 11 or a third generation iPad Pro 12.9, then you need the second generation Apple Pencil.

Let’s find out together the steps to make the matching:

  • After enabling the Bluetooth from Settings of iOS, place the pen on the magnetic connector is present on the tablet side in which the volume rocker is presented.
  • After that, an image of the Pencil should appear at the top of the screen of the iPad .
  • Then, you will be shown a warning that will ask you to pair the pen and the iPad Pro. By pressing the button Match and then follow the short tutorial on how the device works.

In the event that no warning appeared, most likely the second generation Apple Pencil is uncharged. So, wait a few minutes to make sure that you charge at least a little and repeat the operation by following the steps seen a little while ago.

Remember that in both cases, the pairing between the two Apple devices will be maintained until the tablet is restarted, when the airplane mode is activated, or if you pair the same Apple Pencil with another tablet of the bitten apple.

How to disconnect the Apple Pencil

If necessary, you can remove the pairing between the pen and the iPad at any time via the Settings. All you have to do is press the gear icon, tap on the Bluetooth option in the window that appears and then press the i next to the Apple Pencil. Complete the operation by pressing first on Detach this device and then OK to confirm.

What to do in case of problems

If you can not match the Apple Pencil to your iPad, even if you wait a few minutes in case of low battery of the pen, then most likely it is a hardware problem. In this case, we suggest you contact the customer service of the Cupertino colossus.

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