Anthem is finally available and the players are finally playing the latest Bioware adventure … but not without some problems. The game presents several PC performance issues, which can affect the overall experience of the title. Fortunately, with the right settings it is possible to limit these problems: for this reason we decided to share this guide on how to improve the PC performances of Anthem.

Improve FPS

Since Anthem is playable only through Origin, it is possible to use a trick to optimize the title framerate, lowering the CPU usage by 30%.

  • Start any game with Origin
  • Alt-tab as soon as the game opens
  • Open “Application Settings” on Origin
  • Leave the window open in the background
  • Alt-tab to get back into play

Fix the problems of Crash

Anthem presents a peculiar problem of game crashing only for English language. In this case, you could try this method, if you have crash problems (which should have been solved day-one, but many continue to meet)

Change the language from English to any other, then return English. This will re-download the language patch and reset the Display settings

Fix the Audio problems

Some audio problems can be solved by changing the settings of your Audio Driver

  • Change the default value of the 24bit 44100hz sound
  • Or lower it further to 16bit 44100hz

Optimize performance on NVIDIA GPUs

If you use an NVIDIA GPU, you can optimize the use of the GPU by following the steps below.

  • Open the NVidia GeForce control panel
  • Go to “Manage 3D settings” -> Program Settings -> Select “Anthem”
  • Change the texturing options as follows:
    • Trilinear Optimization ON
    • Texture Filtering Quality HIGH PERFORMANCE
    • Texture Filtering Anisotropic Optimization ON
    • Power Management Mode – Prefer MAXIMUM Performance
    • Set MAXIMUM PRE-RENDERED FRAMES to 1, 2 or 3

These settings will help Anthem’s performance, hoping they can improve the gaming experience of all of you!


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