PDF (Portable Document Format) are documents in a particular format that guarantee a safe, secure and reliable exchange. Changing and managing this type of file is always complicated and difficult, especially because there are very few free tools that allow editing and conversion.

Sometimes, you might have the strict need to change this sort of format and maybe turn a color PDF to black and white to save on printing. Precisely for this simple reason we decided to show you and describe 3 sites to convert color PDF to black and white directly online without having to resort to particular software and perhaps quite expensive.

If your intention is to transform a classic color PDF in black and white, then you must continue to read the rest of the post and get to know the resources available to choose the one that best suits your needs.


The first site that we are going to describe is called Sedja and is a free online tool that allows you to manage different aspects of PDF files, but what interests us most is to understand how it is possible to transform a PDF in color in black and white. What you need to do to perform this conversion is enclosed in the following steps:

  • Reach the site via the link above
  • Upload the PDF file to be modified using the appropriate button
  • Click on the Convert to Greyscale button
  • Download the modified file directly on the PC or on one of the cloud services present

The files remain protected and private and will be deleted from the site automatically after about 5 hours from the last conversion made.


Another great site to transform color PDF files into black and white pdf files is Online2PDF. This service essentially allows you to modify, convert, unlock, merge and export any type of file in PDF format by simply doing three single steps that are:

  • Select and load the PDF file to edit (One or more files at once)
  • After uploading, choose one of the editing options available
  • Choose the edit mode from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the final format
  • Click on the Convert button to start the conversion


The last site that we are going to present at the conclusion of the post is Tlhiv and as you can see from the Home Page it is a basic and minimalist tool very easy to use and it can be said that it is a tool for everyone, even those who he has no experience in this regard. To transform our color PDF into a black and white PDF you need:

  • Reach the web page of the site
  • Upload the file using the Upload button
  • Once the file has been uploaded, we can choose whether to convert the file to Black and White or to invert the internal colors of the file
  • Having made the choice, just click on Get Grayscale Graphic
  • A new window will open allowing you to save the converted PDF to your PC

Have you ever tried to turn your color PDF file into a black and white one of the sites described in this article? How did you find yourself? According to your opinion which is the best of the three?