Convert files into PDF any document on your Mac without software

Today I wanted to share with you a little trick to convert files into PDF from any document on your Mac!

The PDF format becomes very convenient, because it is universal and versatile, and can also be managed and read on any platform.


The Portable Document Format, commonly referred to as the PDF abbreviation, is a file format based on a page description language developed by Adobe Systems in 1993.

It can represent text documents and images independently of the hardware and software used to generate or display them.

PDF file can describe documents that contain text and/or images in any resolution.

It is an open format, means that anyone can create applications that read and write PDF without paying Royalty at Adobe Systems.


The steps that I’m going to describe here are really simple, everyone can create PDF files in a few seconds with the MAC starting from any document whether online or already in your possession!

  • Open the document with the MAC ( eg Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit, Word .. ).
  • Open your file with TextEdit, but you can do it with any application or even from the browser if you want to convert a web page for example.
  • From the top bar menu, click on File> Print.
  • In the next screen, open the “PDF” menu on the bottom left and click on “Save as PDF“.
  • At this point fill in the description and features of your file and decide where to save it, then click on “Save”.

Done! You have saved and converted your document into a PDF file, simple, is not it?

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