Export iPhone contacts to vCard

When you need to save the numbers in the phonebook elsewhere, you may be asked how to export iPhone contacts. If you’ve decided to reset iPhone or if you’ve purchased a new iOS or Android device, it’s likely that you want to back up your contacts. Well, this operation can be performed in different ways. In this regard, I wrote this guide, in which I explain how to export iPhone contacts, in order to help you create a VCF file ( vCard File) that you can import on other devices, PCs and accounts.

How to export iPhone contacts

If you’re wondering how to export iPhone contacts, chances are you’ve forgotten about iCloud. The integrated service on iOS is the default method for making backups. In addition to saving content, iCloud also allows you to save contacts.

The first thing you need to do is verify that this type of backup is active. To do this, you must follow the path Settings > iCloudand check that the contacts toggle is set to On. If not, enable it. Then, to make sure all the numbers are saved, you should back up to iCloud. To proceed, first you need to connect to a WiFi network. Then, from the iCloud section, you need to choose Backup and then Back up now.

When the backup is finished, you can connect to icloud.com/contacts from your computer. You will need to enter the username and password of the Apple ID to proceed. After that, you will see the contact directory on iCloud. At this point, all you have to do is export iPhone contacts from iCloud. To do this, you must select all the contacts with the keys Ctrl + Aif you use Windows or with the buttons cmd ⌘ + Aif you use Mac. Then, you have to click the gear icon (bottom left) and choose Export vCard. In doing so, the download of all the contacts in the phonebook will start. At the end of the operation, you will find the file with the extension .vcf in the Download folder.

After explaining how to export iPhone contacts, I remind you that you can import the vCard file on different devices, PCs and accounts. For example, you can use the .vcf file to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, iPhone to Mac, or even iPhone to Gmail.